Chennai Express song Lungi dance: Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s tribute to Rajinikanth

Tue, July 30, 2013 2:20pm IST by
Chennai Express song Lungi dance: Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s tribute to Rajinikanth

The much anticipated Lungi number is here. But honestly speaking, we are not impressed!

We were eager to see Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone shake their booties in a lungi. Yes, the much awaited Lungi number from the duo’s forthcoming movie Chennai Express is out now but we are not particularly happy with this visually jhatak and musically not so upbeat number. Here’s SRK with the ravishing Deepika in shocking pink costumes. Clearly, the number is dedicated to Rajinikanth with SRK advocating the power of the south superstar’s moustache and the magic of his immaculate style.

Both SRK and Dippy are in a full on masti mood in this dance number. The lyrics invite all the die-hard Rajinikanth fans to hit the dance floor and sing along Moochon ko zara round ghuma ke Anna ke jaisa chashma lagake coconut mein lassi milake aajao sare mood bana ke.

With Shahrukh and the leggy beauty drenched in bright neon light on this blinding set, the lungi song is an optical overload but doesn’t have much in it to rave about.

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  • From Tamilnad

    Rajnikanth started his carrer as a character artist, became villain, then 2nd fiddle hero, finally hero because of his unique quick reflexes and stylish mannerisms which were so naturally built with in him. But,he’s not just about style he’s a natural performer and a good actor. The man has never competed with anyone, not even whom people consider his arch rivals are, he’s always been a great human.
    SRK or whoever who wants a good opening to prove themselve,which requires good collection from other states and you want to use RAJNIKANTH’s name for that,
    Not a problem we south have always welcomed you with open arms.

    But,it’s high time you stop insulting this proven actor(rajni) with your Poor perception about rajni and south films.
    We make better movies in all aspects.
    Please, no more cliches
    No one here eats curd noodle
    Rajni is not a pink lover
    Give respect and we’ll do the same,,

    • Sudhir

      No One can make fun of us. We have won all scientific noble prizes won by india

  • Sudhir

    NO ONE can make fun of south india. South Indians won all noble prizes won by india…

  • Nalini kanta Ray

    i like this song very much

  • Sureshkumar

    its really huge disappointment for the too much hype created by shah rukh khan and honey Singh. if shahrukh want good collection let him openly beg to us, we will see movie in the theatre or pay the ticket amount as charity to shahrukh. dont spoil or create too much hype or talk too much.

  • sadiq

    I like this song

  • omprakash gautam

    Chennai express is a best movie sharukh is a best actor and all of

    • Rajpav

      I like these song very much
      Honey singh you are my favourate
      once more time lungi dance;-)

  • Rajpav

    I like these song very much
    Honey singh you are my favourate siner.:-)
    Lungi dance .

  • esha irfan

    i like the movie chennai express very much cuz it,s songs are best ever lungi dance so funny ,chennai express ,s tittle song it,s best ever songs that i have ever herad o my gosh and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like it very muchhhhhhhh

  • susmita

    I think that lungi dance is a most popular and funny song and i like this song .

  • Ijac Newton

    Deepika is looking so’naughty’in’lungi dance’…….I like it!

  • aditya

    coooòoooooooooool song