Chennai Express title track teaser: Listen to the clip

The title teaser of the Shahrukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer sounds similar to King Khan’s IPL finals promo. We wonder if it’s a mere co-incidence!

Those who have enjoyed watching Shahrukh Khan’s IPL finals promo (at least the music buffs) can certainly agree that the title track of Rohit Shetty’s upcoming romcom has uncanny resemblance to it. Considering the marketing genius that the Kolkata Knight Riders team co-owner is, SRK will definitely cash in on the cricket season and promote his film! In the IPL promo, SRK is seen promoting his movie, Chennai Express and cheering up the cricket freaks to ‘Express’ their emotions while watching their favourite team matches. “Watch the IPL finals with me and ‘Express’ yourself!” says Khan in the IPL promo.

The title track teaser of CE starts with similar lyrics – Get on the train, baby! And goes on – Ticket khareedke, baith ja seat pe, nikal na jaaye kahin Chennai Express. It’s sung by the legendary singer, SP Balasubramaniam who has returned to Bollywood after a long time. We assume it’s a rough cut and not a polished soundtrack, but still, it’s quite hummable with Balasubramaniam’s personal touch to it. So listen to the teaser of the song and tell us if it excites you or not!

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