Chetan Bhagat rubbishes report of Salman Khan trashing first draft of Kick: UPDATE

Chetan Bhagat rubbishes report of Salman Khan trashing first draft of Kick: UPDATE

We heard that the Dabangg star wasn’t quite pleased with Bhagat’s script of Kick, but the author has denied the report saying that the script isn’t ready yet and he hasn’t met Salman

As per some strong rumours doing the industry rounds, it was said that Salman Khan had rejected Chetan Bhagat’s first draft of Kick but when Bhagat heard the news, he clarified it point blank on Twitter – “The Mumbai Mirror story on Kick is fake. Haven’t met Salman on Kick at all. Script is still not ready. Just been working with Sajid Nadiadwala’s team.”

Though Salman Khan‘s movies are often considered and termed as ‘brainless entertainers’ by critics, the superstar doesn’t care a damn, ‘coz what ultimately matters to him is his audience and he’ll do exactly what they like him to, irrespective of the content. So, when Chetan Bhagat, who’s attempting his hand at screenwriting with this Sajid Nadiadwala production, was ready to show the first draft of Kick to Sallu, he expected a positive response. But unfortunately that didn’t happen!

It’s learnt that after putting together the first draft of the script, Chetan and Sajid went to meet the Being Human actor hoping that the superstar will approve of it. But little did they anticipate Salman to reject it at once. Our khabroo says that Chetan failed to capture the real ‘Salman Khan essence’ in this film which is an adaptation of a Telugu hit. So Bhagat is back to the drawing board now, working on it all over again. Hmm… it’s certainly not easy to please the undisputed box office ruler, right Chetan?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sabith

    Go Get Life editor… Chetan Bhagat already told on Twitter its a fake news…….

  • sarifa

    It is simply not good enough for post such as these to be allowed to appear on the net. This is pure fabrication and lies not only by bollywood life but indian express etc. to quote a person is subject to liable charges. We are sick of these media people who persist in trying their best to ruin the reputation of the stars especially when it comes to Salman he is right not to have anything to do with them they are a sadistic bunch of liars who seem to get some sort of joy from spreading rumours Salman has not even met with Chetan is it because you media accept bribes for such stories would not surprise me at all. The more you tear down Salman the more God is going to lift him up. How come you don’t chastise the men of your country who rape innocent women. Is it because you are guilty as well? Maligning the stars only make their fans look at you media people as illiterate who does not even know how to report stories.