Chhanchhan is better than Kumud, say fans!

Chhanchhan is better than Kumud, say fans!

We conducted a poll to find out who is the favourite powerful female character on the small screen and the results didn’t vary much from our predictions

Chhanchhan played by Sanaya Irani won hands down with more than 50 percent votes. While Chhanchhan got 51.17 percent, Kumud (Jennifer Winget) from Saraswatichandra stood second with 28.59 percent votes. We were shocked to see the vast difference between the two characters. Next in line was Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani) from Amita Ka Amit, who received 11.98 percent votes.

The tussle between fans of Sanaya Irani and Jennifer Winget extended beyond their onscreen avatars. Fans have commented about their craze for the actors and somehow it’s not as much for the character as we hoped. But one cannot really argue with people’s choice, right?

The characters who received the lowest votes include Sarita (Srishty Rode) – Punar Vivah (0.44 percent), followed by Bhoomi (Shamin Mannan) from Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki (0.68 percent) and Navika (Jayashree Venketaramanan) from Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 2 (0.93 percent).

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  • khoshi

    Sanaya Irani puts her soul in every character which she plays which cant be resisted

  • Sunara

    Congrats barbie girl Sanaya Irani!! We love uu!! You r the very best and Chhanchhan is rocking!! she is so relatable and u rock while playing it!!

    The results say it clearly! No1 can even come close to Sanaya the QUEEN of TV Irani!! <# her

  • Syed Shahswar Abbas

    Sanaya irani

  • misscrazyfan

    that is true ..sanaya irani is the true winner and elegant actress

  • Diana

    Congratulations…….it had to be Sanaya Irani…no other actress in Tellywood can enact the way she does…..and yeah the best is yet to come folks! Sanz rocks as Chhanchhan….she is a natural actor…

  • Maya (@SanzMaya)

    Sanaya Irani,,,U rock my princess,,,U are the best
    u r rocking as chhanchan,,,Chanchhan rock
    we r loving you with anuj

  • Ash

    How disgusting!!!how she can be so good?jenny is much much much better than sanaya.ufff! Sanaya is cute.but kumud is much stronger than chanchan.& Jenny is more beautiful than what sanaya is fair.jenny has much much much better face,acting talent,popularity&everything.luv kumud&hate chanchan.khushi is good but chanchan is worst…

    • SaMud4Ever

      I totally agree with you! Jennifer is very beautiful and a great actress! She was awesome in Dil Mil Gayye and Saraswatichandra! She is by far my favorite telly actress! She also sizzling sizzling chemistry with everyone including Gautam, Karan Singh Grover, and Karan Wahi! I love Jennifer! You are the best and this poll is so wrong! <3 Jennifer Winget

      • Suborna Akther

        I 2taly agree with u! Kumud ko jitna hai, ye sanaya koe actress huyi vala?

  • SaMud4Ever

    Kumud (Jennifer Winget) should have so won! I liked Khushi but do not like ChhanChhan. Kumud is a great actress and deserves to win! I love you Kumud and Saras! <3

  • Puja

    NO way…. Kumud is better that chanchan in all aspects…!!!
    y didn’t SLB select her den when she too auditioned for kumud’s role…. simple cox Jennifer is always the best and the queen of tellyworld……..
    look at both the shows TRP’S saraswatichandra is leading…..and chanchan hardly is in 0.6 ratings….
    kumud sundari will always be the best…
    this vote never minds

  • Ashwini

    What nonsense!!!!how can chanchan be so good???sanaya was good as khushi but not as chanchan.kumud is way way way better than chanchan.& of course Jenny is the most talented actress in the telly world.she is the best.she was chosen by SLB!!!!!! & saraswatichandra is the most beautiful serial at this time.& chanchan is obviously the worst…..

  • jaya

    Had to be Sanaya Irani…I like Jennifer too but everytime I see her doing an emotional scene in SC I think of how Sanaya would have done it and Jennifer always falls short. There is a reason that Sanaya Irani is the Queen of Tellywood and why so many female fans are so crazy about her ( no need to explain the fascination for male fans…just look at that angelic face). She gets to the very heart of every character she plays and when she emotes we are not just watching her we’re feeling every single emotion the character is feeling and know exactly what she’s thinking. Can’t really compare CC and Kamud because they are very different genres and I like both but Sanaya has made CC real whereas Jennifer is acting a part so I guess from that point of view CC wins. Sanaya Irani is rocking as Chhan Chhan.

    • Maria Dominic

      Completely agree with you.. I love both, but sanaya can easily get into any character and she connects very easily. Be it emotional,comedy or serious scenes, she can do any type of character. There is a truth in her acting like she makes us believe that it is real….

    • Maria Dominic

      I love both, but Sanaya can easily get into any character and she connects very easily. Be it emotional,comedy or serious scenes, she can do any type of character. There is a truth in her acting like she makes us believe that it is real….With all due respect to Jenny, her acting in SC is good. But sometimes it looks so artificial and dramatic esp, the emotional scenes. Well, I prefer Sanaya.

  • arya

    There is no actress on Indian television who comes anywhere near to sanay in acting.I like Jenifer ,however SANAYA s ability to portray a character is way better than many actresses in BOLLYWOOD.Frankley speaking if she was in any western country as a tv actresse she would have been picked up by HOLLYWOOD unlike

  • arya

    SANAYA IRANI is the best actress on INDIAN television.She portrays a character in such a way that it comes to life.I like Jenifer as well but there is no comparison.SANAYA should be in BOLLYWOOD.

  • samhitha

    what rubbish is this? sanaya is just average . if u see SC july 8 episode we can prove that sanaya is worst than jenny darling. jennifer has natural beauty whereas sanaya is very artificial. during elections also wrong leader comes to power. this is same like that. jenny we r with u.

  • tasnia

    i just hate chanchan,sorry to say but jennifer is a much much better actress.

  • Him

    If we are talking about the strongest character,its kumud.

  • dr. manisha kamal kukreja

    no one can be better than kumud

  • Apurv Suryawanshi


  • Suborna Akther

    Logo ka dimag kharab ho geya hai pata nai iss Sanaya ko kaise Kumud ki age le aye!!??

  • Sneha

    I think kumud is a better actress but when it comes to play a romantic scene…i think she doesn’t like to do it gautam.She always keeps a distance even in award shows they don’t perform together.
    Since Saraswatichadra is a romantic serial and someone being an actor ,should do justice to role.
    I think Sakshi Tanwar is best actress, no one can beat her.


    jennifer way better she is sizzling jenifer looks good withy anybody gautam karan singh grover karan wahi etc and sanaya only looks good with barun so jenifer should have won xx love u jenny

  • trisha

    sanya always rock no one can beat her because she is evergreen in all characters she can fit easily in all characters whether it is sister lover friend