Chhanchhan: Why didn’t Mohit Sehgal bag the lead role opposite Sanaya Irani?

Rumours floating about in the TV industry suggested that Mohit Sehgal was among the 50 actors auditioning for the lead role in Chhanchhan – and we really thought that he would grab it. Alas!

When Vipul Shah began casting for his television series Chhanchhan, Sanaya Irani was his first choice as leading lady, followed by the dogs in the show and then rest of the cast. The male lead was the last to be picked.

If rumours are to be believed, several actors including Mohit Sehgal (Sanaya’s co-star and current boyfriend), Barun Sobti, Arjun Bijlani, Saurabh Pandey and Varun Kapoor were considered to play the male lead. We believed that the makers were planning to select Mohit Sehgal for the role, but producer Vipul Shah had other ideas. He explains, “If I select Mohit or Barun for the role opposite Sanaya, there’s nothing new that I’m offering the audience. People have already seen their chemistry, so there’s nothing fresh there. Hence I decided to go with someone she’s never worked with before.” So why was Farhan Khan the right choice for the role? “See, whenever you cast someone new, they tend to surrender themselves completely to you. Farhan is absolutely fresh in this industry, so he became the perfect choice,” Vipul explained.

Was Sanaya upset with that decision? “Mohit was one among 50 people who were called for this role. So it was like any other audition for him. Four of my other friends also auditioned for the role and didn’t get it. It’s just work,” clarified Ms Irani.

Although we are disappointed that Sanaya and Mohit won’t be seen together in Chhanchhan, we are hopeful that Farhan will not let us down. Right?