Chhanchhan: Will Umaben force Manav’s wife to leave the Borisagar house?

Umaben has finally given her nod to Manav and Chhanchhan’s wedding, but the manipulative saas has a hidden agenda

In order to keep her son happy, Umaben (Supriya Pathak) has agreed to accept Chhanchhan (Sanaya Irani) as her daughter-in-law. However, the lady has some vicious plans up her sleeve to evict Chhanchhan soon – both from the Borisagar house and Manav’s (Anuj Sachdeva) life.

Umaben hates the young girl ‘coz she thinks she’s over smart, too modern and arrogant. And Umaben always wanted a bahu who will dance to her tunes – so clearly Chhanchhan doesn’t fit the bill.

On the other hand, Chhanchhan is aware that her mother-in-law can be a difficult woman to deal with, but she believes everyone has some good in them – how naive! While we are sure that Chhanchhan will win her father-, brother-, and sister-in-laws’ hearts easily, dealing with Umaben is gonna be tad difficult. Then again, the daily soap won’t make sense if things work out that easily for Chhanchhan, no?

So will Chhanchhan be able to change her mother-in-law’s attitude or will she blend in with the other bahus to please her saas? Wethinks, Umaben has finally got a daughter-in-law who will put her in her place with absolute subtlety.

Let’s hope the show picks up pace and makes this track interesting enough to keep us glued, right?