Children’s Day special: Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor – it’s time to grow up!

Some of the best looking so-called ‘mature’ men in B-town irritate us occasionally with their childish behaviour. We tell you which stars should grow up asap, before their fans start taking their on-screen idols not-so-seriously. Take a look!

There’s a child lurking inside every man. And some of Bollywood’s favourite hunks have been proving that saying by being childish – more often than not – with their words, antics or choices of films. And what better occasion than Children’s Day to remind them about the restless tots hidden beneath the tough veneer of manliness that needs to be stopped from becoming hyperactive? From Salman Khan to Ranbir Kapoor and from Abhishek Bachchan to Arjun Kapoor – some stars must whack the overly pampered and extremely indulged child in them before it’s too late!

Ranbir Kapoor: From showing the middle finger to the paparazzi at Mumbai airport to frolicking on the beach while playing catch-me-if-you-can with a bikini clad Katrina Kaif in Spain, Ranbir Kapoor showed how he so easily allows the naughty boy in him to indulge himself at the cost of being called a total besharam. It’s high time for the Kapoor lad to tone down his colourful public image and stop showing his juvenile streak. No more towel dropping and bum flashing antics either, Ranbir!

Salman Khan: The ultimate bhai of Bollywood can put even a school going pint-sized toddler to shame with his antics. As if his no brainer action movies were not enough to prove his juvenile side, the megastar Sallu continues to be the same tantrum-throwing, name-calling temperamental child at media events and press conferences. This year he has even let us down as host of Bigg Boss 7 by being biased towards a few starry people in the house. Time to buckle up and grow up, Salman!

Ranveer Singh: He is a livewire with unstoppable energy and infectious charm. In fact, his co-stars and ardent fans consider him to be the warmest and most approachable rising star in tinseltown. But his detractors maintain that the Singh boy goes-over-the top with his antics and doesn’t think twice before opening his loud mouth…wide. It’s time for the boy Ranveer to become a man!

Shahid Kapoor: As a child artiste, he was cute and absolutely adorable. As a young B-town hottie, he was sexy and desirable. But now in his 30’s, Sasha’s choice of movies and the characters he portrays makes us wonder if he is acting like a ten-year-old who is on a summer vacation, busy rolling the dice to win a board game. That’s how it seems he is choosing his movies – with no logic attached. It’s time for him to focus hard and reinvent his image, rather than randomly choosing his work.

Arjun Kapoor: Barely a couple of (successful) movies old, Arjun Kapoor has already started acting like a haughty child. Of course he’s star kid, but the attitude and that air of arrogance he has acquired reminds us of the authority shown off by a class monitor in school.

Abhishek Bachchan: He is friendly, gentle and absolutely hassle-free, but we are now tired of addressing him as ‘Bachchan Jr’ or ‘AB’s baby’. It’s time for Abhishek to grow up fast and stand tall…on his own feet!

Imran Khan: We must say that Immi is trying real hard to get there. He even chose to wear thick kaajal and an even thicker moustache in his last gangster flick to look mature, rugged and…well…. adult. But blame it on his quintessential angrezi look, his suave persona and his boyish expressions, all of which continue to make him look like a baccha. But we are confident that with the able help of maamu jaan Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan, Imran will slowly make it to the man’s club one day!

Anil Kapoor: The kid in him is high on energy and perhaps the only youngster we like so much. In fact, the 57-year-old actor amazes us with his zest to work in movies and on TV, his enviably fit bod and that eternal cheerfulness. The 24 actor certainly knows how to be childlike rather than childish. A good example for the rest. Don’t you agree?