Chirangda Singh will never endorse fairness creams!

Chirangda Singh will never endorse fairness creams!

Comfortable with her dusky skin, Desi Boyz actor Chitrangda Singh feels that the fair-fixation in India is slowly fading away

Chirangda Sigh’s skin tone along with her sculpted features definitely make her look intense and sensual. So much so that the actor has been compared with yesteryear’s acting power-house and dusky beauty Smita Patil. Chitrangda flaunts her skin colour and dosen’t want to lighten her skin tone for any photo-shoot, advertisement or film. “I have received ridiculous amounts of money to endorse fairness creams but I have never taken it up because that is not the right thing to do. I guess the fair-fixation in India is finally fading away. World over, everyone is in awe of our exotic looks. Also, why should you be apologetic about your skin colour? You can’t and need not change who you are,” said Chitrangda in an interview with a newspaper. Wethinks our dusky actors need learn from the Desi Boyz actor. Is Chitrangda’s childhood crush Shahrukh Khan (who has been promoting that fair is handsome) listening?Subscribe to me on YouTube


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    but i read in news that her makeup guy left job and said that she kept on demanding to make her look lighter by makeup and he was fed up of her these silly demands.

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