Chitrangda Singh is the hot professor in ‘Desi Boyz’

The actor brings the ‘sexy professor’ look back in her new film

Remember Sushmita Sen as the sexy and stylish college professor in Main Hoon Na? Now Chitrangda Singh is set to recreate the same magic as a uber chic economics professor in Desi Boyz. Chitrangda’s character required her to look edgy, smart, stylish and yet mature. So her stylist went with fringes for her hairdo. According to a source, a renowned stylist from London was approached to design her get-up for the film. The look turned out to be so classic that when Chitrangda met an Indian lady, who teaches mathematics at London’s Trinity College, she came and asked the actor if she was really playing a university professor in the film.”The professor told Chitrangda – ‘Well, we look nothing like you, so can I get a picture with you’,” said a source. Desi Boyz, which also features Deepika Padukone, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham in the lead, releases November 25.

Is Chitrangda Singh juggling too many hats?