Chitrangda Singh tries hard to fit in

Looks like the actor is still getting used to the glamorous ways of the new world of commercial cinema she’s stepped into. The evidence being her nervous behaviour at a recent do that she was spotted at along with her Desi Boyz co-stars

Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh came together to launch the Desi Boyz apparel line recently. While the two brawny men preferred to enter in style on their swanky bikes, Deepika and Chitrangda simply waved, catwalked a li’l and threw audio CDs of their upcoming film at the audience. Now the sexy Deeps, who sizzled in a sexy one-shoulder sheath dress, remained unperturbed even as the audience went ballistic with star struck behaviour. She grooved, she became John’s arm candy, she thanked everybody with her usual charming grin, and all this without a hint of anxiety on her face. Chitrangda, on the other hand, was clueless and we could see her constantly turning to Deepika and Akshay and asking them what to do next. Now considering Ms Singh is not exactly a rookie and has had a fair amount of experience in the entertainment world, we didn’t expect her to be so clumsy, even though this is her first stint in the hardcore commercial space. She looked stunning in her torn jeans and bling jacket, but only if looks alone could contribute in rating the whole package, you would have won all the brownie points from us, Chitrangda.  As of now we have a suggestion: maybe you and Deeps can be of some help to each other. You can teach her some acting and she can probably give you tips on how to work on your soft people skills…what say!