CID Chote Heroes: Is the popular crime show following Enid Blyton’s books?

If you were an ardent reader as a kid, you’d know that children investigating crime scenarios is a very common factor in most mystery novels

ACP Pradyuman and Daya will now have new helpers to solve murder cases. Of course it complicates things and makes it far more dangerous, but where’s the fun in playing safe.

However, it may not be a new thing for mystery book lovers, ‘coz they’ve grown up on Enid Blyton’s popular mystery novels like Famous Fives and Secret Sevens. But it is definitely a fresh idea for Sony TV’s popular crime series CID to make children investigate murders and robberies. Hopefully the makers will cut down on the gore sequences in the show, ‘coz we really wouldn’t want the li’l ones exposed to all that.

After 15 years of successfully running CID the channel heads have come up with a novel idea to make kids investigate crimes. Well, considering the show has a huge fan following among kids – this move may actually be fruitful. The show which has now become triweekly will be airing CID Chote Heroes at 9 pm every Friday for an hour.

The series airing today will begin with a few kids finding a dead body while playing in the neighbourhood. They immediately inform the CID cops – Of course every child knows the number by heart. They later discover that their friend Micky has also been kidnapped by the same killer. The kids try and help the cops in their investigation.

We guess it’s a good thing. At least now we don’t have to see Daya breaking doors and ACP Pradyuman saying, “Yahan kuch toh gadbad hai.” Well it is a crime scene, so obviously there is something gadbad duh!