Cigarettes helped Sherlyn Chopra stay naked for 22 hours!

The raunchy actor was in her birthday suit for almost a whole day while shooting for the erotic movie Kamasutra 3D

Until now, the Playboy cover girl Sherlyn Chopra used to be in her birthday suit only for a brief moment, tweeting out a mix of hot and sleazy pictures online for her fans and fanning their fancies! But now it seems she has broken a record of sorts for remaining naked.

Only recently, while filming parts of the erotic fantasy movie Kamasutra 3D, the actor was told to remain in her birthday suit for almost 22 hours. Sherlyn was actually sporting body paint all over, and if the hot babe were to cover herself up, the paint would smudge and it would have had to be done all over again. Now with Sherlyn being super professional when it comes to matters of stripping, she readily agreed to remain nude for the entire 22 hours!

And what gives her hope and strength? No, it’s not maa ka pyaar. Turns out it was cigarettes that the raunchy babe was counting on to take her mind of her nudity. Since the film set was a no-smoking zone and Sherlyn was going all cold-turkey over cigarettes, the set was immediately turned into a smoking zone, only for Sherlyn!