Cineyug MD Karim Morani caught at airport with fake watches!

Cineyug MD Karim Morani caught at airport with fake watches!

Zoa Morani’s father was detained for an hour at the airport for evading customs duty on what turned out to be fake watches

Bollywood is known for copying film scripts and music. Style wise, however, it has been quite original! But on October 27, the industry sank to a new low where accessorising is concerned. Film financer and managing director of Cineyug Karim Morani, who was recently accused in the 2G scam was apprehended by Mumbai Customs last Saturday.

Reportedly, Morani was in possession of five high end watches that he had not declared to the Customs officials at the airport. To ascertain whether the watches were genuine and to know how much to fine Morani, the authorities, called in watch experts who testified that the five timepieces were high-end fakes! Tch tch, poor Karim. Now even his genuine brands will be suspected of being copies! Wethinks he could have asked best pal Shahrukh Khan to lend him a few watches. After all, the king Khan does promote a high end timekeeping brand! Or he could become fast friends with Salman Khan, who is known to give away Being Human watches to close friends! Wink wink.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Liz

    I like your article. You are right. Once i sattred working, I start to buy branded bags Sometime i also wonder whether I buy the bag is to reward myself or to show it off to other ppl tt I am working hard . Sometime the design of the bags just make me cannot resist it. Dilemma

  • Vaibhaavi

    Its all politics…he mus hv bribd the authoritiesto declare the watches as fake ones to Escape ! N these shit mouth writers write wteva shitt they cam widout using brains…