Claudia Ciesla is on a green crusade

The former Bigg Boss inmate claims she wants to save the environment. We think there’s more to it

Salman Khan started it. Then Celina Jaitley led the way. And now, it’s German model Claudia Ciesla’s turn to take up a social cause. The gal who came to India with the commercially unsuccessful Karma and decided to try her hand at Bollywood has now decided that she is going to save our environment. While she explained how to maintain ecological balance, she also said, “Mother nature has given us a lot. I fail to comprehend why some people are destroying it just to derive short term advantages. I feel we should experience every aspect of nature before it gets too late.” Wethink there is something else Claudia needs to think of before it’s too late. Her career! There’s not been much on her plate after she arrived in India and even Bigg Boss 3 didn’t give her career the necessary boost. She was the first runner up in Shahrukh Khan’s Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout, but that hasn’t helped her either. With hardly any films in her kitty, she needs something to keep her occupied. And if at the same time she does something good, then why not?