Coke Studio@MTV: Amit Trivedi’s composition and Tochi Raina’s vocals infuse energy into Rabba!

The composer and singer come up with a track that’s equally melodic and crazy!

Amit Trivedi’s compositions are always a treat. Most of the times it’s his cracking urban melodies inspired from traditional and earthy backgrounds. Using frequent collaborator Tochi Raina’s strong and rustic vocals, Amit has come up with something quite fresh with Rabba. The song composed for Coke Studio@MTV also features a tweaked rap by newcomer Jaggi. Together, this makes for a track that’s equally melodic and crazy.

Rabba has an amazing ensemble of Tochi’s vocal strength with Trivedi’s melodic sensibilities and Darshan Doshi’s impressive efforts on the drums and this one turns Anusha Mani’s lyrics into an absolute scorcher!

Tune in and tell us if the song makes you want to hear more!