Comedy Nights With Kapil: Does it work or is it stale?

Comedy Nights with Kapil

Comedy Nights With Kapil started with a big bang. Though it was not everyone’s cup of tea, it had huge mass appeal like a Rohit Shetty film, and it quickly found a loyal audience

It was new (from the saas-bahu sagas) and different. The hungry prime time family audiences lapped it up.

Everyone needs a good laugh at the end of the day, and the Hindi audiences wanted their own Comedy Central. Enter Kapil Sharma. And he delivered. Nothing grabs the viewer’s attention like Bollywood. With top actors as celebrity guests, the show quickly climbed to No 1 position. It all seemed too good. It was. A few episodes later, the show is losing its spark. Here’s what is wrong…

The fat and thin jokes

Aristotle, said, ‘We laugh at inferior or ugly individuals, because we feel a joy at feeling superior to them.’ What does that say about Kapil who almost exclusively, pokes fun at people who are too fat or too thin. Nothing against such jokes, except they are not funny.

They are not on the level of Joan Rivers’ digs on Adele (‘Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68-pound, 8-ounce bouncing baby boy’). Kapil’s fat/thin jokes seemed random at first. Now one sees them in every episode. People who-fit-the-bill are chosen and randomly placed as part of the live audience. How many times can one laugh at the same jokes? Groan.

The pretty girls

There is always some PYT in the audience. One in every episode. Kapil will choose her (randomly) to ask the celebrity guest a question and then compliment her and even flirt with her. Yawn!

Dancing with the stars

There is always someone in the audience who tells the celebrity guest, “Mujhe aap ke saath dance karna hai.” Then he/she is called on the stage and a song from the film the actor is promoting is played and a few minutes of bad dancing follows. They will be poked at, by the host. The ONLY time this was funny was when SRK, complimented one ‘aunty’ and asked her to teach him the steps. The other time was when Priyanka Chopra aped the weird dance steps of one member of the audience. And that is credit to both these actors. Kapil cannot rely on his guests to provide the laughs… The show is Comedy Nights With Kapil. Yo?

Let’s act

There is a segment where Kapil gives a situation to the actor and ask him/her to act it out. This is usually a hit or a miss…not highly imaginative. Can be better. Honestly, Kapil seems less rehearsed as the host of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6. But even there Manish Paul appeals more with his spontaneity and madness.

The Turbanator: Siddhu paaji

Don’t understand what purpose does he serves on the show. There is already canned laughter. Is he really needed to drown out that sound with his cackling! His shayaris are stale. As are his jokes. And his turbans just too neon-ey. Thokko taali? No, thanks.

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  • siya

    u r right!! last few episodes r getting monotonous n boring….kapil ll ve to bring smthing new or else he ll lose trpz…

    He is suffering frm superiority complex n ego n tht shows in type of questions he asks the audience….

  • krissi

    I really like this show and have no issues.. it actually teaches people not to take everything seriously. Even the people who they are making fun of laugh with kapil, which proves that everything should be taken lightly and with a pinch of salt.

  • anisha

    Oh shut up! Its a great show..A breathe of fresh air compared to all the saas bahu guys should encourage this good change and not try to bring it down..

  • kuldeep

    You did not mention the skit which has Sunil Grover and others which is a different one every time and other elements.Sure some parts of the show are similar but it is still the best comedy show currently on TV.This is evident from the fact that the biggest movies tie in Kapils show with their promotional efforts.

  • Rahul

    Sarita, on all your negative comments, I think you know who is “russel petter” and what type of jokes he use to say and right now he is one of the best standup comedian of the world……. We are over here to enjoy the show, forgetting what is going on in our life….. People of India wants those types of shows which in end gives us a good laugh……… Keep your negative comments for other shows, leave those comedy shows to audience….. and if you think some rectification is required, call and update Kapil on the same………

    • pratiksha bhaisare

      i loveu

  • manish

    get lost ur review cnwk is best show and kapil is doing great job he is not insulting just enjoying with audience u fool

  • teku

    Instead of encouraging such comedians, u guys r trying to bring thm down,STFU n enjoy whats good

  • Ajay choudhary

    Dear Publisher,
    This is not the right time to criticise the BlockBuster Show just to gain readers and attention . If you really want to criticise then wait for next 2-3 years. If you dont like the show just change the channel. are yar agar apko show pasand ni hai to aap uski itni detail research kaise kar sakte ho.. ??

  • Bhawik Kotadia

    Just another stupid article from BL guys..Damn t..if it was losing its spark, then why would all these celebrities come here??

    P.S Next one to come is RK and Pallavi

  • Nanda

    Dont copy from other websites, publish u r own, Thisis the best show ever and it will be

  • Nanda

    comedy nights with kapil the best show ever and will be,

  • Ranjit

    Honestly totally stale. There was a time when nothing moved when the show was Aired. Now when certain people ( no offense ) come we use it as an excuse to get our work done. I guess it has already started on its down graph and hope the channel and Kapil wake up before it is too late. Any rubbish cannot be served just because it is a comedy show.

  • sahilkumar

    this show is just brilliant…a welcome change to indian television…i love this show…its just that this critic wants some attention…when people are ready to laugh at themselves then why she is so bothered…she herself must be really fat or really thin n that’s why can’t laugh on those kind of jokes…

  • Calla

    Oh shut up shut up shut up you publisher….
    What a sad soul you are Sarita!!!! You are an example of an irresponsible writer…you are boring and’s people like you who don’t want anyone to be happy…..something so great is happening in our lives and sadists like Sarita want nothing but sadness in people’s lives!!!!!

    • calie

      plssss never ever end this show !!

  • Ankit

    is show ka review nagative review de rhe ho to aap inka 10% to karke show ne sabhi trp ke record broke kar diye hai.respect kapil sharma

  • pankhuri

    I beg Kapil never ever should he end the show and also make it everyday !!

  • racchit

    these are just bad comments on the show and the audince dances on it’s own not by the saying of kapil

  • kathy

    best show ever….. love gutthi!!!!

  • kathy

    oh shut up…!!! its the best show ever….. love gutthi!!!!

  • B

    R u mad publisher … The jokes are awesome and u can’t stop laughing
    Last week show’s was amazing

  • Ashish

    I agree with everyone supporting Kapil and his show. He makes you laugh and just makes you forget the worries of life. I wish the writer had a better sense of humor to understand his wit and humor. Kapil you are by far the best comedian India has ever produced. Love your show!!!

  • Tarun

    You wrote the whole article about how much you hate the show.

    Most movies are romantic, have villains, you don’t watch because its repetitive? Most serials are with saad bahu & vamp..again repetitive with new people not hooked to those?

    The fact is it is the best “Comedy Show” on Indian TV.

    Stop being life watch comedy nights & enjoy :)

  • Suraj K

    I dont understand if this article is against Comedy nights with Kapil or Only Kapil particularly.

  • Susu

    Kapil is a super comedian in India.make sure no one gonna praise u for what you wrote about him.yeah it’s your job but still u are to look the craze of the show.yeah article ke liye tomara bantahai kapil ke style meh tere Baap ka thullu

  • Naya

    U must have a really bad sense of humor … -____-

    • Amrao

      I haven’t seen any other comedian to the level of intelligence as Kapil, Sharma, he is the best, and will be the best for ever…he is so quick, with his sense of hummer some time even out of script, is able to keep the pace as normal. Why you are so gallous of his unique qualities ?

  • SumzUp

    Your review gives the message that’s exact opposite of what message this show tries to give…Don’t feed hatred instead share happiness as happiness grows when shared! The show is only couple of weeks old to call it stale and I am sure creators will be more interested to work on better scripts and innovations. Till then keep your views to yourself as these are very premature!

  • Abhi

    You are right about Siddhu. The rest you are talking about is trash.

  • pradipta

    Dear publisher, u need to have a sense of humour to understand his jokes. Even in everyday life,we crack jokes at fat/thin people, but they are all in good humour and are not meant to hurt them. Even Bharti cracks jokes at her fatness, and most of Manish Paul’s jokes in last year’s JDJ were directed at Bharti’s figure. What about the skits he and the other actors perform at the beginning every week? Do u find that repetitive too? If this show was really losing its spark, then it would not have been the highest trp garnering non-fiction show on TV right now.You don’t like it, don’t watch it, simple. But please keep your views to yourself and don’t write such false articles.

  • dinky

    It seems u hate Kapil for some reason and u r taking out your personal hatred for him by finding the stupidest and minutest of faults from the show, which people had not even noticed yet. Pretty girls in every episode (well,is there a dearth of any in the country?and there are ordinary looking ones too, FYI), people wanting to dance with the celebs (in JDJ even celebs want to dance with the celebrity guests, so what’s wrong with the common ppl wanting to do so?), fat/thin jokes (there r hundreds of other jokes he cracks,and u noticed only that?may be that’s the only joke u understood), sidhu’s neony turbans (its his personal dressing choice and kapil has nothing to do with that) and his laughter….??? Really? That’s all u can come up with? Too lame. If u really want to find faults, come up with some real and innovative ones!

  • suresh

    sarita, either you are testing public reaction being anty kapil or you have gone crazy. kapil running his show purely on his own shoulder and name, can manish do this ? people know kapil more than manish. the words spontaneity & madness suit to kapil not manish.

  • AnkitD

    Sarita – although you make some applicable points here, your pessimistic input about this show is unnecessary. Especially your comment regarding the color of Siddhu’s turban. I am absolutely appalled! Next time you decide on publishing an article, use your head. Yours sincerely, citizen of the planet earth.

  • Karan

    Realty is that the previous two episodes r not so funny But, all the episodes are super funny as EVERYONE LiKE’s the SHOW and VVe wil Hope Lots OF LAUGH may he Served to US.

  • aniruddh

    get ur facts right,every1 is loving the show,yes it gets off-bit sumtimes,so does rohit shettys films bt still they r making money rite? u jus need to b happy frm inside to njoy such shows or films,which i guess u r nt

  • anupam

    mata rani ka paap lage iss reporter ko

  • divya

    totally agree!! dunno what’s wrong with people?! same old kindergarten jokes! ugh!! Indian audience has no taste tbh.

    • huney

      what u know about comedy , do you ever try to make someone smile , i bet nvr , he makes everyone smile ,laugh with old or new jokes , people like u do nothing and nvr let anyone else to do better things fku

    • bando sha

      Hey do you know fresh new jokes.Then stop laughing over good things.Tora gandi re gihon

  • Nirpendra

    Keep Your mouth Shut..Its fantastic to watch CNWK. Each time i watch this program, i feel i m getting mad with LOL..Dont even try to say any thing wrong about this..CNWK is SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • jasbeer

    The publisher must have been tipped off by Vipul D shah as Comedy circus is completely gone case so she is writing the article in his support. Take a break! and enjoy with Kapil

  • mario

    the show is too good and if you feel offended or monotonic then you have got some serious issues regarding sense of humor. In case of Siddhu, his shayaris are good and i dont know about the ratings but youtube views of his videos keep increasing.

  • Hargopal

    U r just a total jerk…evryone loves kapil…it is d frst ever indian show dat people ll take der tym out for…he is not just a conedian but is a person deserving respect…n talking about sidhu..he is a man with his pronciplez n lives with respect n nothing wrng with his turban…he is a man with a gentleman personality!!

  • vickybadshah

    hahahahaa……….joking…….this is where paid social media creates differences

  • ashwini

    I think, kapil and his show making us laugh as much as possible..while watching this show i forgot all my tensions and just enjoy it…we should take this showas a comedy as intention of the show is to make jokes and make ppl laugh..I wish this show never ever end.

  • Devil

    are u insane what more do you expect from a show as if you can do any better than sitting and pointing out mistakes

  • sky

    Its a genuine attempt to make everyone laugh, and Kapil gets it.But not all the time, The really Painful is the Daadi (obnoxious) please kick her out, and then the other two why do they have to be dressed as ladies all the time, they are wonderful comedians and can carry their very well, with their own brand of comedy.Sunil Grover particularly as Dharmendra is astounding. The show is far far ahead of Sony Comedy Mahabali needs only some minor corrections to achieve more strength, otherwise Kapil if u dont kick out that Daadi and the cross dressed ladies you are out…………………….. Amen

  • Sushant Bhargav

    To quote a philosopher one must know his reputation, Aristotle has a reputation of being wrong almost every-time.

  • Sushant Bhargav

    1. Aristotle has a reputation of being wrong almost every-time, and from everytime means every fuc*ing time.
    2. Article Seems biased, you didn’t find one thing good about the show, I mean yes, criticism is a thing, but an ambush ?

  • Virat

    Sarita! r u nuts?

  • Singh

    Dear publisher

    I have watched all the episodes of this show &didnt get a time to think nything u have mentioned in ur article as I was too busy in laughing.. It looks like u need a break in your professional life & start behaving like a normal human being to enjoy the show.. Secondly please don’t make your sick reviews public as it annoys a lot

  • manoj kumar

    great show

  • Gunz

    Wow, the article is written by such a hater… And for the fact you are talking about Kapil cracking jokes on random people based on their outlook, well mr/miss author, you yourself insulted the turban of a sikh person which has religious importance. May be next time when you go out, you might want to look at your attire twice(self -proclaimed fashionista ).. Lame article …

  • puneet

    I want come on show as a audince……..plz

  • SJAY

    Sarita. your mind needs some tuning. I think you don’t have a lighter side to your life, or may be a disturbed childhood or some emotional problems. Sarita, see this show with a relax mind. It is a stress buster and very enjoyable to a point that you forget your problems momentarily. Comedy is a very difficult art and for millions to enjoy Kapil is commendable. Kudos to Kapil

  • ARG

    Don’t write such things . It’s a great show which produces consistent laughter till date. What the hell do you want 2 prove that you are different
    from others. Kapil is the ideal guy for this show and he is rocking with
    siddhu ji. If u think its a bore then why not create ur own show.

  • Advait

    U better enjoy this show.All the other British shows look formal as if they are forcing laughter out of by giving crazy looks or jokes on obvious facts. They don’t have the Indian effect that comedy nights with kapil gives. AREY JO DUM HINDI MAY HAIN WO ANGREZI MAIN KAHA!!!!

  • Nakul Tyagi

    mujhe to lagta h ke isi ghatiya aurat nae kapil kae set mae aag lagaye hoge …… why are u so jealous of him he is doing an excellent job….god bless u kapil

  • Nakul tyagi

    mujhe to lagta h ke isi ghatiya aurat nae kapil kae set par aag lagaye h because she is jealous of kapil sucess

  • vinay

    comedy nights with kapil…rocks..! kapil is jst awsome..ghutthi n dadi also rocks..!
    so guys..keep it up…
    top show of television….

  • TheInvincibleRocker

    You must live a really sad life.

    Comedy Nights With Kapil is hilarious, innovative and hugely entertaining. And no, the jokes are not getting stale. A BS article posted just to get some hits on the website.

  • vinmesh

    Are u mad…!
    Its a great show ever n ever i had seen..
    no one can do such a stand up comedy.

  • bhupi

    Every thing is o.k.only one man who is spoiling the show very irretated and duplicate person”SIDHU”

  • Shweta

    I wish to be an audience at Kapils show, if any ones has any idea. please inbox me.

  • Avi

    It is a one of the best shows. It can be better if something new is done

  • Sanat sehgal

    sorry mate but I disagree it is very tough to do stand up comedy acts and yes he is sometimes repetitive but still he is doing a great job …… that is what I feel ………

  • neha

    Ya.. u r rite.. i was huge fan of this show… but now i can’t tolerate it anymore.