Posted Fri, May 9, 2014 6:20pm IST

Looks like Buaji’s dreams will finally come true

Comedy Nights With Kapil is extra special this weekend, ‘coz the ‘He-Man of comedy’ is busy entertaining some seasoned actors on his hit comedy chat show

Kapil Sharma has invited the forever handsome Vinod Khanna and macho man Suniel Shetty to be a part of his weekend masti. While we’re sure that these actors will have a gala time on Kapil’s show, we just can’t wait to watch the single and ready to mingle Buaji (Upasana Singh) trying her luck with these stars.

We got a sneak peek at the latest episode and here’s some fresh dope just for you – the desperate Bua finally gets lucky! Suniel Shetty responds to her advances with flying kisses. Muaah! Muaah! Hope Vinod Khanna doesn’t feel left out. And that’s not all; Shetty also obliges for a romantic dance number with Buaji. Considering that the Dhadkan actor isn’t great with dance moves, we’re sure the sexy at forty Buaji has helped the tough actor perfect some moves. And we’re sure Kapil didn’t see that coming.

Here take a look at brewing romance between Suniel and Buaji, BollywoodLifers.