Confirmed! Anshuman Malhotra and Sanaya Pithawalla are a couple!

It is not unusual for TV actors to fall in love on the sets. The long hours mean you build a bond quite naturally. TV actors Anshuman Malhotra and Sanaya Pithawalla are in love. The two are also happy to admit their relationship. The two met on the sets of Warrior High, which was a youth show airing on MTV. Initially, they started off as friends but it slowly graduated into love. Anshuman told Bombay Times, “We used to rehearse a lot together but it was only friendship till last year. Though she is two years older to me, I never feel younger than her. She is completely adorable and a kid at heart. I love everything about her. She is innocent and honest.”

The cute pairing of Warrior High was loved by fans. Initially, the makers of Anshuman’s current show, Nagarjuna – Ek Yoddha were thinking of casting Anshuman and Sanaya together. However, the role went to Pooja Banerjee. The lady drops by the sets quite often. She said, “We did not sit down and think who will propose first. It was a natural progression from our friendship. We did not have to send flowers or Anshuman did not go down on his knees. We just gradually realised our feelings over a period of time.”

Anshuman is two years younger to Sanaya but age is not a bar. Even their families know about their relationship. Marriage is not the anvil soon. Anshuman said, “No, we are too young. We are just enjoying this phase and focussing on our careers.” Warrior High made Anshuman an instant star amongst teenagers. It was produced by Vikas Gupta’s Lost Boy Productions. The actor has a challenging role in the mytho-fantasy Nagarjuna.

Sanaya and he recently went to Goa and had a super time together. They also posted a number of snaps on their Instagram account. Check out these snaps. (Also Read:  Nagarjuna – Ek Yoddha TV Review: Indian mythology served with a dash of visual effects) 


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