Conspirators trying to frame Salman Khan, come under police net

The Dabangg Khan gets some respite from his legal troubles

Salman Khan was being implicated in another legal soup but the extortionists were arrested, much to his relief. 44-year-old Hardev Singh, a resident of Rajouri Garden, Delhi and his cousin Devender Singh of the same age, hatched a conspiracy to extort money from the Jai Ho actor and also pressurized him into doing an item song for their film.

The duo had implicated the Wanted actor and his manager Reshma Shetty in a shootout case in Delhi, but were soon caught by the Delhi police. They later testified that the case was fake. According to the police, the duo had involved many others in false cases, and some of the offences were as serious as rapes, murder and kidnapping.

Wethinks this would be a welcome breather for the Ready actor from all his legal troubles. Congos Salman! One down, only a few more to go. Haina?