Cops under scanner for getting clicked with Salman Khan during 2002 hit and run case trial!

The Dabangg Khan seems to have dazzled one and all with his starry status. Tabhi toh at his 2002 hit-and-run case trial it wasn’t only the fans and the media taking photographs of the star, even the police on-duty didn’t let go off a chance to get clicked with the star

Salman Khan captivates many, who regardless of his long history of controversies continue to remain awestruck. We aren’t talking about the general fan following or the media who just can’t get enough of the Kick actor. We are talking about a chunk of the police force that was seen clicking photos with the actor at, wait for it, his hit-and-run case trial!

The police was stationed to prevent media and fans from trespassing the area where Salman was supposed to leave from after the trial. The lens-men present outside the court got into a brawl with the police and people were hurt. Even some cameras got damaged. To these lens-men’s dismay, the same policemen who stopped them from getting a click of the hero stole a moment with Sallu miyaan and took their own pictures with the Wanted star. This isn’t the first time that cops have come under the scanner, last time there were cops who handed out red roses expressing their love for the bad boy of B-town.

Seems like the policewalas are unaffected by Salman’s criminal record and we cannot blame them. The actor has charmed his way into our hearts too. Don’t you agree?