Crime Patrol: Delhi rape case episode receives a no-go from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Crime Patrol: Delhi rape case episode receives a no-go from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Host Anup Soni was all set to present the unfortunate incident that took place on December 6 on Sony Entertainment Television. But now, there’s a change of plans…

Last heard, Crime Patrol: Dastak was gearing up to telecast the Delhi gang-rape case on January 11-12. And host Anup Soni had also voiced his strong opinion regarding the case with respect to his show.

But just as the telecast day arrives, an advisory from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting says that the dramatic reconstruction of the unfortunate incident should not be telecast on Sony Entertainment Television or any other channel.

Now, does that mean Crime Patrol: Dastak will not showcase the Delhi gang-rape case tonight? Also, do you think that it’s correct to prevent channels from re-constructing the incident? Tell us, what you think, readers.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • nikhil…

    yes..very nice decision by government…
    this episode will only teach how to commit rape..nothing else..!!

    • Maaz Kalim

      Oh Shut Up! Crime Patrol hardly depicts any offensive scene.

  • legend

    This goes to show how disgusting our government system is. It is also a shame that people like Nikhil (previous commenter) have such mentality !

    The culprits were nothing but intercity immigrants and ‘sabjiwalas’ they lacked proper education, the only fom of education or information they get is through TV & if our Government isnt strong enough to digest this pill I dont know why we even have them !

    The governments will allow fake TV ads of ‘magically reducing your tummy size’ by selling people magic pills and ‘make people rich’ by giving them magic lockets & pendants but when it comes to showing the reality our govt always hides like a coward rat that it (it’s officials) really is.

    Killing the Crime and Killing the Criminal are two different things, Capital Punishment can never solve anything unless the people are actually educated & TV shows like Dastak are such shows !

  • Seema

    TV shows like CP:D dont teach how to rape.

    They merely show you how disgusting some parts of our society really are. I agree with Legend our Govt should be ashamed of itself for doing what they are doing and what they have done.
    For you information It was our Govt.’s Decision to fly her to Singapore in a such Critical condition, she suffered an extremely Low BP attack on air itself the mere fact that she arrived in Singapore alive was a miracle, but she never regained consciousness in Singapore.

  • Rani Nair

    Rsepected sir/madam,
    Please dont stop the telecasting of Delhi Gang rape case.

  • Shahid

    well such decisions made by Govt. is adding to the disgrace we as a nation are facing.
    Telecasting such shows brings awareness per say and brings a lot good to the society by reflecting actions of the society so that we ponder over our actions and refrain from such heinous crimes

  • Nakul Ujla

    You should cast the delhi gangrape on sony tv especially in crime petrol as it is known to everyone for its real crime stories.Casting of delhi gangrape on Sony T.V will bring an awareness in the people .They will actually come to know that what has happened to the girl and people will be more prepared to fight against all such crimes.Its a request to please cast this episode on the Sony T.V.Dont go with the govenment because all their decisions are wrong regarding the rape case.They have not take any proper action against the 6 rapists till now .THE RAPISTS SHOULD BE BEATED AND THEN HANGED LIKE ANY THING.

    • Maaz Kalim

      They are compelled to follow the orders. And this is right too but nowadays Government is really misusing the powers.

  • Mahesh Upadhyay

    yes it should be talecaste as it it will inspire us to fight again crime .

    • Harpreet Singh

      Telecasting such shows brings awareness per say and brings a lot good to the society by reflecting actions of the society so that we ponder over our actions and refrain from such heinous crimes

    • Mahesh Upadhyay


      Please dont stop the telecasting of Delhi Gang rape case it will show how unsafe delhi .

  • neha gupta

    yes, it should b telecast it will create an awareness among ppl …

  • kabeer

    it should be definately aired , we’ll surely see that.
    but should be correct , not hurting anyone includin damini’s family

  • Gaurav batra

    government should change the administrative n judicial system….what is the benefit to ban d episode of crime petrol based on delhi gang rape… may be a mirror of most hatable side of society.

  • Aishwarya

    I think that it is wrong that the case is not been aired on crime patrol. we all know about what had happened that night but we do not know how did the indian police function to it.


    i welcome this decision of govt as we must not make an entertainment issue of the saddest event and it would further make the soul of Jyoti uncomfortable.

  • Akshi

    I strongly believe that this incident SHOULD be telecasted without fail, since justice has not been given as yet. No, it shouldn’t be a medium of entertainment or just an hour of normal tv watching for anybody, we all are aware that THIS is now a global issue and it should be given importance like all other cases shared on air. It will keep the fire burning, it will stay in each and every mind/ soul. We all know that sony is a channel which is telecasted worldwide, hence people living outside india will also be enlightened about the saddening incident and be provoked to take an action!

    Nothing should stop this, we owe the woman this much without a doubt.

  • Aabha Padgaonkar

    Agreed the incidence was too unfortunate. But the episode should have been telecast, and it should be ASAP. The I & B ministry can’t block content a majority of audience is keen to watch. If that is the case then even the news channels shouldnt have covered the incidence.

  • kumar

    I find that they should publish that episode in crime patrol because whole world wants to know what that girl went through.

  • Mehzabeen

    It was very disappointing that crime patrol failed to telecast the Delhi rape case. I feel that such incidents should be reconstructed and shown to viewers do that they are aware of the dangers around them. It creates awareness and will gain more supporters to help Nirbhaya attain justice. Everyone needs to know worldwide what that girl went through telecasting the episode will not defame her it will enable people to consider the consequences of such brutal crimes.

  • Gaurav batra

    i think that the case is still processing for a final conclusion.n widout closing the case file…any dramatization is not possible..that’s why the special episode could’nt be aired…n one more thing it really a tribute to Damini by crime petrol..or it’s just only an effort to increase high T.R.P for the channel n the show…!

  • ragini

    I think crime patrol is always showing these beyond imaginations incidents and a pictorial view gave more impact on viewed to evaluate the condition of victim and they are showing the exact case not with dramatic climax , so it is just an another eye opener act. It must be telecast,citizens wish to see this unfortunate.

  • kishan

    hiii there
    why so called ministry is not allowing this, most of them are aware of this incident, many one know that raped happend but this time it was more dangerous so this should be known by every one so i request to telecast this incident on sony .

  • surabhi

    that not corect they shud telecast it.i m sure ppl wil able to undrstand the pain of brave plz air that episode

  • Asif Iqbal

    I think it should air and it would.
    we all are backing the CP dastak team and its host Anup soni.

  • maruf khan

    its a reality show…. hum sab isse kaafi cheeze seekhte hai jisse aaj ke mahaul me apne aap ko sambhalne me help milti hai… Aur jo case dikhana chahiye wo roka kyu jaraha hai… Kya govt nahi chahti ke aisi haadso se dusri ladkiyo ko bachna chahiye… Iss episode ko dekh kar alert rehna chahiye aise jaanwaro se…. afsos ki baat hai bohot…..

  • Monu parashar

    I Like crime best person is Anup soni. its a reailty show…… sir ham sab es serial se kafi impres h. hame kafi sikhane ko milata h es serial se.ham sab yehi dua karte h ki aap sabhi esi tarah hi india se crime ko puri tarah mita do. govt. ko gang rape ke liye only for mot ki sja ka kanun banana chahiye. tanki koi bhi aise apradh ko karne se pahale soche ki hamara kya hal ho sakta h. ……………I..LOVE……..CRIME PETROL REALTY SHOW…ham sab milkar INDIA ko saf suthra desh banana h.

  • Shahid

    I think delhi rape case telecast ko rok na ki koi baje hi nahi hay. Sab dash mai asi hatsaye hoti hay kam ya jada. Is reality show se hundastan ki aurte or azmi kush sikne ko milta hay. Or is show se sabith vi hota hay hamare dash police vi hamari madad karti hay or jurm karne baloko pakarta hay. so problem kay hay telecast karnce ? Please telecast this episode. We are waiting to see this crime and how to catch there criminal by police.

  • Dhruba

    Ministery can not be like this crime show helping us know what is wrong and what is right any way im requesting to india court should be hang all rapist

  • Mukul Jain

    The only thing is CORRUPTED Govt. is in power so it is Stopping the telecast
    Bichaari sarkar gir jayegi
    Same with Zee News
    Zee News telecast cutted
    Fattu Police
    Aur kya kuch batane ki zarurat nahi hai

    • atul kumar

      Bahenchod sarkar hai sali

  • nitish singh

    Y the gvt is stoping the telecst. . Ab gvt dar ku rhe h ki asliyat samne ayge . . That episode must b telecst. .. let the people knw abt dt girl n in that case what govt is doing. . I request sony chanel to please telecst it. .

    • sonu

      absolutely true

  • nitesh

    because of T.R.P goes sky rocket on that particular time, this was aware by the sony compititor they pressure on govt to stop the telecast on the last movement

  • vinay

    this is not correct pehle kasab usey govtment pala 2 saal crore rupey barbaad kii usey palne main ab ?
    dusra natak i dont know hamari govt chahti kya hai ab in 6 ko paal ke kya saabit karna chahti hai
    arey khatm karo ye sab natak.
    aur they has to take some serious action ki koi phir dubara aisa koi kisi ke saath karna toh dur sochey bhi na,

  • vinay

    agar such saamne aata hai toh issue kya hain.
    sony tv should go ahead and show this episode ASAP.

  • Yasmin

    definetely sony should show the episode……..

    sach ka samna karna bura nahin hain balki in ghinoni harkato ko chupana bura hain….

    why is govtment hiding it……….when all is known

    well what i can say for all Indians is just say “All is Well”

  • rupal

    when will this episode be telecast now. plz inform us. govt. should not hide it. in other channel this case will be telecast soon. sach ko samna karna zaruri hai

  • sam

    we are eagerly waiting to watch the episode….Pls telecast the Episode

  • atul

    how could they restraint from doing something which is already known by everyone…?

    friends its not too far that indian news channels will also get restrained from telecasting news…

  • Raja

    Wait a minute. I remember once they claimed that India was a democratic country? I almost believed them. I guess it is a great pretender country.

  • mansi

    hello sir ,crime patrol very like

  • Ram bhawan yadav

    Sir my doughter puspa yadav marride with ashok yadav s\o shubash yadav, villege kaura gahani thana saraymeer Phoolpur azamghagh.ashok kiled my doughter pushpa yadavondatedet kaura gahani saraymeer phoolpur azamghagh.
    please take up thi case and publsed thro your program crim petrol.

  • sourabh jain

    way way way what what

  • sikkim love manik pokrail mobile stors

    my favrate program.

  • nazia

    es it is right not to show just pray

  • md husain

    government should change the administrative n judicial system….what is the benefit to ban d episode of crime petrol based on delhi gang rape…..