CRIME PATROL shoots at Wagah border!

CRIME PATROL shoots at Wagah border!

The unit visited the high-security area while describing the case of a missing man

Every weekend, Crime Patrol brings the tales of ordinary Indians from every corner of the country. This weekend (June 23) is no different. Anchor Anoop Soni will take us through the sad tale of a 58-year-old mentally unstable man who went missing from a Pune hospital and was found more than a year later in a jail in Lahore. Since the subject is a sensitive one that details the family’s struggle against the hostile relations between the two countries, the Crime Patrol team shot Anoop’s scenes at the Wagah border. Coincidentally, on the day the shoot was going on, the man was released from jail and brought to India via Wagah.

The tale was a touching one and affected Anoop too. He said, “It was altogether a different experience shooting at Wagah Border. We tried to bring alive the heart rending story of a mentally challenged person who mysteriously lands himself in Pakistan and gets arrested there. We will try to bring out such cases time and again as there are many innocent people like Tukaram who are not spies but have been victims of mistaken identities. I wish from the core of my heart that all these people are united with their families.”




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  • diksha singh

    i am very excited to congratulate you for your marvellous representation of each episode of crime petrol.i like every episode,but one of them which touches my heart and soul is tale of a 58-year-old mentally unstable man who went missing from a Pune hospital (went to jail in Lahore).i think you are one of the best anchor in india i have ever seen ……….now i have long desire to express my best feeling regarding your best anchoring.i also express my best gratitude to all crime patrol team (specially YOU) to provide an inspiration(morale story) which is given at the end of the each episiode

  • priyanka jadhav

    Hello, Anup Soni Sir
    I and my family are very great thanks for you because you and your team are doing great job .
    If i get an opportunity to work with your team or to help you then that wil be my biggest achivement in my life.
    All parts are very shocking to grasp but then also it is the real india .
    My family mostly likes “Crime Patrol Dastak” or like Savdhanindia which means it gives us lesson to be aware to survive .
    Thank you.
    priyanka jadhav(MAHARASHTRA)