Criticised for being too thin, Anushka Sharma defends her weight

Dangerously close to being a size zero, Anushka Sharma takes on the allegations that she has been losing a lot of weight

Most people get into panic mode when they lose a lot of weight without any reason, but with actors it’s a different scene altogether. Our narcissist superstars, although known to play with weight depending on their roles, worry like crazy when they pile on the kilos, and at times this game of chasing an ideal body weight turns unhealthy. So, recently when actor Anushka Sharma was quizzed about losing a lot of weight, she shot back with a quick retort defending her health choices.

“That’s all crap. I have always been on the thinner side. And look at the other side too. There are people who can’t lose weight. Why aren’t they asked about it? I am one of those people who can’t gain weight. That said, have I ever landed up in hospitals saying I am exhausted? I am a very fit girl. Think of it, only my parents should bother about my weight and even health. Next question, please”

– Anushka Sharma

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