Dabangg 2 new song: Salman Khan’s thumkas are to die for in the title song!

Robinhood Pandey has finally let go of his shiny buckled belt. But what is he wiggling now? Take a look to find out!

Salman Khan’s signature step of moving his belt up and down to the beat of Hudd hudd Dabangg in the movie that released in 2010 was a rage. Why, even Salman didn’t a miss a chance to flash his buckle whenever he grooved on stage, did he?

Well, guess what – the limelight is now off the belt in Dabangg Reloaded from the movie Dabangg 2. Instead, Sallu is spotted cracking his knuckles – and how! – in this song. But while we totally expect this new form of dance-exercise to take the tapori world by storm, wethinks there’s another move that’s like icing on top of this delicious cake. Do you what it is? Salman Khan’s thumkas!

But hold on before you start picturing Salman with his hips moving wildly, ‘coz he is doing nothing of that sort. It’s a tiny, and thoroughly graceful sway that Sallu does as he moves his hips a wee-bit to the famous tune. Jaanleva, we say! What adaah, Sallu bhai!

So what are you waiting for, peeps? Take a look at these killer steps and start practicing to rock the dance floor on New Year’s eve. Hudd hudd Dabangg Dabangg!

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