Dabangg 2: Who wrote the script?

Abhinav Kashyap described the making of Dabangg as ‘collaborative filmmaking’, defending the Khan family’s ‘involvement’ in the film. Now we hear that Salman wrote the script of the sequel

Dileep Shukla had originally written Dabangg, which went on to become one of the biggest hits of 2010, even winning a National Award for ‘wholesome entertainment’. It is heard that what Shukla had originally written was a noir film, but after Abhinav Kashyap took it to Arbaaz Khan asking him to do a cameo in it, the entire ‘Khan-daan’ came on board.All the equations changed overnight and so did the original story. As much as Kashyap would like us to buy his concept of ‘collaborative filmmaking’, our heads were shaking in disbelief. The latest we heard is that Salman has written the script of Dabangg 2. It left us wondering what happened to Shukla who, we heard, was taken on board for the sequel by Arbaaz, only recently. Just because dad Salim Khan co-wrote legendary Bollywood films, does it mean that his scions have to take it upon themselves to carry the legacy forward? Wethinks the Khan brothers should let the experts do their job and give credit where due. After all, remember that film called Veer?