Daler Mehndi’s Stop the fight-Lakhon hue fanaah composed in one night!

The Bolo Tara Tara singer recorded the song without any penning down the lyrics in prior

Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi has come out with a new track titled Stop the Fight-lakhon hue fanaah especially for his fans on World Music Day Saturday. He created the song in one night and didn’t even write its lyrics prior to recording it.Stop the fight-lakhon hue fanaah lyrics is the musician’s own brain child.

The song was made Friday night. His engineer was busy mastering Gurbani tracks when the Tunak tunak tun hitmaker dropped into the studio here and thought about creating the track.

He authored and dubbed the song in one go. He kept singing the words straight from his heart, coming together as a song, said a statement.

Available online, the new track urges people to cherish the planet, save it and to stop fighting amongst themselves.