DANCE INDIA DANCE Li’l Masters: Mithun Chakraborty chases Jay off the stage!

The Disco Dancer was unimpressed with Jay refusing to accept a kid’s challenge!

There’s a lot of fun happening in tomorrow’s (June 23) episode of Dance India Dance Li’l Masters. Faisal’s amazing performance impresses judges and audiences, but what will have everyone laughing their guts out is the gag that Om pulls on Jay Bhanushali. Om stuns everyone with the way he portrays the title track of Omkara with the use of the prop of a mallakhamb. When he dares Jay to try it out, the handsome hero immediately refuses to do so. Not to be outdone, Om insists that he should try it. That too after stripping down to his briefs! Mithun joins in and the two chase Jay hoping he’ll agree. Does he succumb to pressure? Watch and tell us!