Danny Denzongpa: Salman Khan is janta ka real star!

The Dabangg star certainly strikes a chord with his seniors

Salman Khan seems to get along extremely well with the veteran stars of Bollywood, be it Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty or then his Jai Ho c0-star Danny Denzongpa. His seniors seem to adore him and are all praises for the Dabangg Khan. Danny in a recent interview said,“I did a film with Salman called Sanam Bewafa when he was a newcomer. He was young, lean with deep set eyes and had just started building his body. There were these long ropes hanging down from the ceiling on the set on which he would exercise. He is very down to earth and is a very straight guy. You can find out whatever he is feeling by looking at him. If he doesn’t like you, his expression comes in his eyes. Whatever he says comes out from his heart. He is not tricky at all. We are working almost two decades later and what is amazing is the fact that he is the same guy, just a little older and a little bulked up. Absolutely same, despite the fact that he is such a big star. He calls me Dannysan (as the Japanese would address you). He always had problems with long dialogues in one shot and was great at one-liners. He still loves his one-liners. He has become such a huge star, that even if he sneezes people react to that, which is fantastic. He is like the Amitabh Bachchan of the 80s. He too is on the top and is number one to 10. All other stars come after 10. He is janta ka real star. Whatever he does people love.”