DAR Motion pictures clarifies doubts over Tamil version of D-Day

After Nikhil Advani and Shruti Haasan’s outrage, the official spokesperson from the production house clears the airs. Read on to know their side of the story…

DAR Motion Picture’s official spokesperson issued a statement over the controversy of the Tamil version of D-Day. It so happened that the distributors of the Tamil dubbed film were using Shruti Haasan’s sexy image and her bed scenes as the poster of the film for its promotion. Nikhil Advani had been vocal about the discomfort over the Tamil distributors. Even Shruti Haasan dissociated her name from the Tamil version of the film. They both were waiting for some legal action to be taken. Finally the producers have issued a statement.

Why is Nikhil Advani angry over the distributors of D-Day’s Tamil version Dawood?

The official statement read, “Nikhil Advani’s statements to the press regarding the irregularities in the Tamil release of the film D-Day are completely misleading, ill-informed, irresponsible and defamatory in nature. Being a co-producer of the film and based on the below he and his company were completely aware of not just the distribution deal but also steps already initiated by DAR to rectify the situation. ” The production house laid down the following pointers stating what action is being done against the Tamil distributors:

a)    D-Day’s distribution MOU for Hindi, Tamil and Telegu languages across India was shared with Nikhil Advani and his company Emmay Entertainment wide email and via multiple conversation (both face-to-face as well as telephonic). There have been no-objects to the said MOU from either Nikhil Advani or his company from then till now

b)    Telephonic conversation between Nikhil Advani and the DAR team on 29 January 2014 where all these issues were clarified with him and he concurred with the same

c)     DAR had provided the distributors with the approved creative used in the Hindi campaign of the movie

d)    As soon as the irregularities were brought to DAR’s notice, DAR immediately addressed the issue with the distributors and worked with them to ensure that all the said inappropriate posters were pulled out of the market and the title of the film restored to the original D-Day. Nikhil Advani was made aware of the fact that the right channel to address the issue was through the Distributors and that DAR was working with them to resolve the situation. The situation has been resolved as of yesterday

e)    Regarding the breach of Artist contract (i.e. Shruti Hassan in this case), DAR is in no way legally obliged to go through any consultation with them as all Artist contracts, esp lead actors, was directly entered into by Nikhil Advani, his company Emmay Entertainment and the said artist. It was thus legally binding and the prerogative of Nikhil Advani and his company Emmay Entertainment to ensure compliance to any actor obligations. It was also imperative that he make DAR aware (in written) of any considerations and/or clauses in such artist agreements that DAR would need to take into consideration while entering any further exploitation agreements. No such communication was received by DAR

The pointers continued to state:

Thus it is evident that this entire public acquisition wide media articles made by Nikhil Advani against DAR Motion Pictures is not just inappropriate, incorrect and misleading but also

a)    Makes evident Nikhil Advani’s mala fide intentions of maligning DAR’s image in the public

b)    Points towards false allegations made by Nikhil Advani against DAR. Nikhil Advani as per contractual obligations would need to first clarify the facts with DAR and resolve such an issue amicably with us

c)     Has seriously compromised the commercial prospects of the film that has been made and released with large investments

The official statement made their side of the story very clear. It concluded by saying, “DAR not just deplores this very public outburst by Nikhil Advani but is also in the process of taking legally recourse to this defamatory action and breach of contractual terms by him.”

Why has Shruti Haasan dissociated herself from D-Day’s Tamil version Dawood?

We can sure see a gory court battle in the near future. We hope that such matters are solved out of the court and they come down to a mutually benefiting agreement. After all, all these chakkars are drawing the name of such a good film to shame. Hai na peeps?