David Dhawan goes bikini shopping!

The filmmaker was caught buying bikinis in Bangkok. And the secret was revealed by none other than the real rascals – Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt

At the music launch of Rascals, when Ajay and Sanjay were asked to disclose David’s secrets, the duo jumped up at the opportunity. “Once David went missing from the sets and we looked for him everywhere. After sometime we discovered that he went bikini shopping for the actresses,” they revealed with a wicked grin on their faces. Stories revolving around bikinis have been circulating the movie since beginning. First we heard that  Kangna Ranaut created quite a fuss over donning a sexy two piece for a particular scene. And when she dared to charge an exorbitant amount, she was chucked out of the promotional campaign. Now we hear this amusing anecdote about the multitasking director who is taking special interest in buying clothes for his heroines. Wonder what the fate of a film will be that depends on sleazy bikinis for its success? Not good, we presume!