Deana Uppal: Honey Singh is just a friend!

The wild card entrant who was evicted from Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 yesterday felt that Gauhar Khan is the weakest contestant on the show.

Deana Uppal was recently in news for her alleged link up with rapper Honey Singh and most importantly for her stint on Khatron ke khiladi season 5. She entered the show as a wild card entry and soon was touted as the weakest on the show. Deana talks to us about her experience on KKK5, her fears that she has now conquered, her spat with Ajaz Khan and about the weakest contestant on the show.

Tell us about your experience on Khatron ke khiladi.

Oh the experience was amazing. It was like a roller coaster ride. There was so much that we were doing there. There were days when I used to be sad for giving a poor performance and then there were some where I used to perform well. Overall, I am really happy to be a part of the show and wish I could be a part of it again.

Have you conquered all your fears?

Yes, my major fear was always with the insects and I was proud of myself when I spent eleven minutes with those insects in a plastic bag. I have always been scared of cockroaches and other insects but I somehow managed to deal with them on the show. Now I am not very scared of them. Moreover, I was also able to overcome my fear of heights.

How have the people reacted to your stint on the show?

It’s been nice so far. I have been getting a lot of comments. Besides my stunts, people have also been complementing me for my Hindi, they say it’s good. I am glad I have improved.

We have seen you sing while doing your tasks. How did that help you?

(Laughs) It helped me calm down. There were tasks where I had to keep my cool and see to it that I don’t lose focus, it wasn’t easy. In fact during a task where I was in a plastic bag with thousands of insects, I closed my eyes and began to sing. I was actually imagining that I am on the beach. It helped.

What gave you the courage to spend 11 minutes with so many insects?

You know, on day one when Rohit asked everyone, who according to them will get eliminated first, almost everyone said my name. I had to prove them wrong. Yes, the task was hard, those insects were biting me but I had to do it. I had to prove myself as an able competitor.

Did you travel around Cape Town post your elimination?

Yes I did. I saw the place; I went to a lot of beaches. People were very sweet and helpful there.

How was the environment on the sets? Did you get along well with everyone?

Initially it was a little difficult to break the ice. Since I was a wild card contestant, I entered the show a little late as compared to others. So they had already made friends but eventually I did get along well with people. Teejay Sidhu, Debina Bonnerjee and Geeta Tandon are my friends. In fact Geeta used to teach me Hindi as am not very good at it and I used to teach her English as she was not proficient in it.

Which task did you find the toughest?

Oh the swing one, wherein we had to take flags from one podium and then swing to the other podium and stick the flag. I was constantly worried about falling down or banging my head somewhere. I was scared out of my wits.

Who do you think is the weakest contender on the show?

I think Gauhar is the weakest contestant because there was a task which we all did, but Gauhar refused to do it as she is scared of heights.

Ajaz Khan seemed upset with you in the post elimination task. Do you think it was entirely your fault that you guys lost in that task?

No not at all, in the first task where Ajaz was driving the car and I was collecting the flags, it was he who wasn’t driving the car properly. It wasn’t my fault. In the second task where Ajaz was sitting in the car and I was attempting the task, there I was at fault. I should have been more careful there. But everything is sorted now. We are friends.

What’s the best thing about doing Khatron Ke Khiladi 5?

The experience! It was amazing. Like I said if I get a chance I would do it again. It’s also about pushing your limits and moving out of your comfort zone.

How did your family and friends’ react when you came back?

Oh they love the show, especially my mom. She watches all the episodes and wonders how I did those tasks. Even friends call up to appreciate.

Rohit Shetty encouraged you at every step. How do you think he is doing as a host?

Rohit is amazing. He is humble, encouraging and friendly. He is a great host. I had an amazing time working with him.

Rumor has it that you’re dating Honey Singh. Your comments.

No that’s not true at all. He is a just a friend and there is nothing more to it.

Who do you think will win this show?

From the looks of it I think Salman (Yusuff Khan) has a fair chance to win or actually anyone from the boys can.