Dear Zindagi: Thank you Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt for giving us more than one reason to smile

How we wish every morning could be THIS heartwarming. I mean, waking up to this beautiful picture of Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt smiling to glory, now need we say more? Here’s presenting a brand new still from Dear Zindagi. While the first teaser is expected to hit the screens within a few hours. The makers decided to tease us by giving yet another sneak peek into Shah Rukh and Alia’s chemistry and mind you when we say chemistry here – it isn’t only about love. It’s about friendship, companionship and everything else that keeps two people connected for – Dear Zindagi is not a love story starring Alia and Shah Rukh but an unusual journey of a young girl, whose awareness of life comes about through her relationships until she finally meets the man of her life. Also read: Dear Zindagi first poster: Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt promise a fun-filled ride 

Talking about this new still of Dear Zindagi, we can see how Shah Rukh is being a kind listener while Alia is enjoying his company with her animated conversation. The expressions say it all. In fact we love how the picture looks so natural that for a second you would be mistaken from the film or just a shot of Shah Rukh and Alia’s off screen bonding. Now such is the kinda vibe that Dear Zindagi is setting across – very natural, very relatable. We wouldn’t be surprised if the first teaser that’s releasing today further gives you more reasons to vouch for this film.

Not to mention, since Monday Shah Rukh and Alia have been engaging in a fun promotional gig to tease us ahead of the Dear Zindagi trailer. First it started with Alia trying to think of a better term for Monday Blues – in the sense, she shared a video which had her saying, “Why blue, why can’t it be pink? Peach?” To which Shah Rukh then replied saying, “maybe the promise of another better day, will quell the Monday blues. Anything else???” Soon we had another tuesday video from Alia which had her crying impatient where she took her worry right into Shah Rukh’s washroom. Remember that hot damn shower video of SRK that he posted yesterday? Of course, you do! And finally we got to see the first look which had Shah Rukh and Alia riding their way on a bicycle. Well, if all of this doesn’t get you excited for the teaser of Dear Zindagi then I dunno what will…

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