Debina Bonnerjee extends a helping hand to an ailing stray

The lady has brought him home and named him Lucky!

Debina Bonnerjee and her husband, Gurmeet Choudhary are animal lovers. They already have a pet, a brindle Boxer named Dexter. However, recently the lady brought a new pet at home, an abandoned lab, which she saw in her neighbourhood.

The lady tells us that she saw this extremely sick dog in her precinct and just could not see it suffering. She got it home and has christened it Lucky as she feels it is a special one.

The lady who has some time off from her professional commitments is taking the dog regularly to the vet. It has blood and skin infection along with hip dysplasia. Debina only wants it to become hale and hearty once again. Hubby Gurmeet is extending all possible support for this endeavour. We are glad to know that the helpless creature has found a loving home.

The couple are very hands-on when it comes to looking after their pets. Though they have a full-time caretaker, Dexter’s exercise and diet is personally monitored and supervised by either of them. Debina is a dog-lover since childhood.

On the professional front, Debina was last seen on Yam Hai Hum and is now on a break. Gurmeet has two films in his kitty, Laali Ki Shaadi Main Ladoo Deewana with Akshara Hasaan and Vivaan Shah and Wajah Tum Ho with Sharman Joshi and Sana Khan. Stay tuned for more updates…