Deepika loses her memory of Ranbir

The most tangible reminder of the romance between the Om Shanti Om gal and her Saawariya lover was the tattoo on her neck. But where is it now?

Stars can be the pickiest people. Saif Ali Khan reportedly agrees to have covered the ‘Kareena’ tattoo on his left forearm with makeup while on shoot. But there’s more – he will not allow anyone to touch it, he covers it up himself! Deepika’s story is something else; not sure how true it is but the ‘RK’ tattoo on the back of her neck (dedicated to Ranbir Kapoor) had miraculously vanished when we last saw her in the Nescafe ad co-starring Karan Johar and Purab Kohli.Simply letting her hair down in the commercial would have saved us the trouble of speculating about the missing tattoo, but now that we have noticed, we need answers. Was the tattoo hidden using makeup or has Deepika got it erased for good, during one of her recent trips abroad? The tattoo has been an object of embarrassment for her ‘friend’ Sidhartha Mallya as well. Recently, on Simi Garewal’s show India’s Most Desirable, Mallya Jr was asked what Deepika’s tattoo signified for him. He shot back exasperatedly that “nothing”, quickly adding, “Why should anyone else’s body art have any bearing on me?” Could that RK tattoo be a reason why Sid and Dippy are not yet ready to get into a committed relationship? Well, if that TV advertisement is to be believed, Dips has taken care of the troublesome ink. Or maybe not. Who knows, maybe she has got an ‘SM’ tattoo inked somewhere on her body? We are waiting to hear from Deepika herself. Till then, Om Shanti Om!