Deepika Padukone and Akshay Kumar at loggerheads

The actors were apparently supposed to loathe each other on screen but since they were unable to look convincing, the director, Rohit Dhawan would shoot when the two were quarrelling off screen. Well, yet another far-fetched story to grab eyeballs, we think!

The director demanded that Deepika and Akshay hate each other on the sets of Desi Boyz. But unfortunately, every time they got together for a scene, they failed to look convincing. Now that, we of course believe, considering Deeps is not exactly known for her acting skills and Akshay the king of slapstick comedy usually fails to do justice to intense roles. But going to the extent of saying that the filmmaker came up with this extraordinary idea of shooting whenever the two had a tiff off screen is a little hard to digest. Misleading the audience and the media with such absurd stories doesn’t exactly make for a great promotional strategy. Well, we would have appreciated if the director would have put in a little more effort to come up something more creative and fresh. We certainly don’t buy it, do you?