Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma or Katrina Kaif – Who has the sexiest midriff?

Posted Fri, April 18, 2014 9:20am IST

With Deepika Padukone endorsing her sexy midriff as her new asset, we wonder who can give the leggy beauty a serious competition when it comes to showing off that killer, gyrating girth

She twirled it, twisted it and swung it to create hysteria and now she is calling it her new asset. The leggy Deepika Padukone used her stunning midriff in almost every film she did – and even in every possible commercial she appeared in – to make us lust after her toned mid- segment. Though midriff is the most underrated part of the body, Deepika proved how one can master the game of seduction by employing that part of the bod sexily!

With that interminably long frame she has been blessed with, Dippy’s newest asset becomes one of the most ‘extensive’ we have seen so far, and definitely one of the sexiest in B-town. And that assessment has led us to a newer quest. In fact, we have set out to find out who can give our elegant diva a tough competition by showing off her midriff. From Anushka Sharma to Katrina Kaif and from Kareena Kapoor Khan to Illeana D’Cruz, we wonder who’s got the most seductive midriff…

 Katrina Kaif: A strong contender to walk away with the best midriff title, Kat is blessed with much more than just a hot belly. But since we are restricting our analysis on mid- segment alone, we must add that the quintessential Chikni Chameli simply caught us with the eyeballs with that super-sexy kamariya in her item number from Agneepath.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: She has not exactly acquired the right reputation for her FLABULOUS bod. But one can’t deny the fact that Bebo made men go berserk by giving them a generous dose of her meaty midriff in films like Chameli and Omkara. Not exactly toned and super shapely, Bebo’s midriff is curvy enough to kill!

Anushka Sharma: Super fit, toned but not exactly enticing is how we see Anushka’s midriff. Though we like Miss Sharma in all her hotness (as a complete package), but we don’t find her tummy-in it exclusivity-sexy (enough)!

 Ileana D’cruz and Nargis Fakhri: The Main Tera Hero hotties simply made us go oooh-look-at-that with a liberal display of their sizzling skin show (only after Varun Dhawan that is!). The petite Ileana has a tummy the size of a tiny chocolate bar, and her nubile kamariya is explosive! And even Nargis showed us the sensational effect a good midriff can have on our collective nervous functioning!

Priyanka Chopra: PeeCee wore her lehenga precariously low in the Ram chahe Leela number from Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram–Leela and that plastered with tattoo took the midriff madness to another level altogether. Don’t you agree?

Kangana Ranaut: Kangy may have the body constitution of a fierce ramp model and washboard abs to die for, but just like Anushka , the Queen star doesn’t make us go crazy with that belly of hers. But she definitely has a toned midriff and we appreciate it, if we use the term in the ‘larger’ context

Shilpa Shetty: Mrs Kundra wins the competition hands down and prove the might of yoga straight-away. Watch her move her midriff with fluidity in a club number from Dishikyaoon and you will know what we are talking about!

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  • kkk

    obviously katrina and kareena they have great bodies . Even anushka.deepika,nargis r great others i don’t think have a chance . Katrina is so consistent in maintaining her body and kareena started size zero trend which became a huge news so they both have the advantage in this one

  • jj

    i think katrina will win this i mean deepika is good but katrina was awesome in dhoom 3 .
    Even kareena looks hot . Anushka god knows what happened to her she was so good but after lip job she doesn’t look attractive others r not so hot when compared to these actresses

  • 123

    deepika has a very plain midriff but katrina has a perfect one . I would rank them in this order


  • Puja

    I think Deepika have the sexy midriff

  • heena


  • bebo the queen

    bebo the queen has the sexiest midriff

  • Annie

    Definitely katrina!!

  • Anon

    Katrina by far

  • cm

    i will go with kareena or katrina

  • aisha

    Is not enough that their box office records & acting abilities r compared, but now their body parts too. If this isn’t objectification i wonder what is, then when they go under the knife becos they feel the pressure of not being pretty enough its the same who pple rate them that criticize them. Sad thing is alot of young girls idolize them end up doing same. What a shame!
    Atleast actresses like Vidya r comfortable in their skin & understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • katrina fan

      do u mean this words ?? bcoz bolly life has conducted many polls in the past never saw people complaining . Or i guess you are sore to the fact that most people r choosing katrina over deepika.If u r telling these words sincerely than ur right and i support you but if u r saying it out of jealousy than i don’t think u r sincere enough

      • aisha

        I really don’t care what u think. But just 2 let u know am not even a deepika fan.

  • Dia


  • guest

    wat is the point of conducting the poll if u already fix the result .U write everything good about deepika and then u show the result that deepika won the poll even if she didn’t . If there is any authenticity in this poll than katrina or kareena will win the poll

  • Iman Ali

    1.katrina kaif
    3.kareena and ilena Dcruz
    4.Anushka and deepika and nargis fukhari
    katrina is sexy ever , no competition with her in dance sexiness, and personality, popularity too

  • nick

    katrina katrina katrna katrina .Kareena,deepika,anushka,ileana,shilpa ,nargis,priyanka they all will come after her

  • samaira

    i think the win be Anushka and iieana ok bye ,……………………………………….

  • priya

    Deepika Padukone <3

  • wolverine

    kareena man!!!!!!! 24/7

  • EE

    Kareena’s midriff looks like a tyre . Ha ha

    • wolverine

      fuck off asshole if u dnt lyk her

      • EE

        Take it easy man. Its just an opinion , why get so personal , its not like I insulted your wife :D

        • wolverine

          no but she is my favorite and a woman so watch ur language

          • EE

            This is a public forum and one can express their opinion, don’t try to control others here . Dont like it then log off

          • wolverine

            than u fuck off u can express ur opinion but not pass insulting comments u dumb ass

          • EE

            WTH , youre the one using foul words here , not me . Idiot

          • wolverine

            i said insulting comments there is a difference

  • myright23 .

    Kat kat always kat

  • yo

    hey nargis man !!!! she looks so hot in every way

  • Kia

    if katrina doesnt win this and deepika does then for sure this place is DEEPIKALIFE

  • najatlovekiss

    Katrina will win this anytime any day, I don’t care who wins it, she will always be my winner

  • sanam

    I like the midriff which did not get mentioned. So i say a incomplete list.

  • katrina fan

    katrina katrina katrina . I adore her sooo much i mean she is a great actress . She has every ability for becoming an actress .Her physique, her attitude,her elegance they r just amazing .She not only survived in the industry but also reached the heights and that too without any family background or support .People may say that she was supported by salman khan but salman khan also supported zarine khan , sneha ullal ,daisy shah but did they came on top no!!!!!!! . But katrina with her hardwork has become one of the top actresses .Salman is really a unlucky guy for leaving a girl like katrina same was the case with aish . But i am happy for ranbir he got the right girl . He dated so many but finally he got the right one all the women he dated were **** i cannot use the foul word .But maybe it was destiny that they r together

    I mean let’s face it some actress have come from royal blood (kareena) i love her . She is one of the best we have but katrina had no family support that is why i prefer katrina

    Some actresses are so cheap that for success they do anything . They even dated rich brat’s,celebrities,cricketers,kapoor’s during the initial stages of their career . And when they reach to a position they just claim that they became successful by their hardwork so lame !!!!! katrina never resorted to such cheap things

    Some actresses went to become so low that they even dated married men to rise in their career and when their career was seemingly over they hide behind a khan and sleep with him . that is so cheap lame and pathetic

  • Terminator

    No one beats katrina in looks, glamour…He is extremly Red hot

  • SRK Lover

    THey all have a sexy midrifff….BUT i cant choose between Deepika and Katrina they areeeeeee to die forrr…

  • rituparna

    deepika has the best..

  • milan227

    I wish I could have a midriff like any of them… I’m not choosy. *Sigh* DP and KAtrina have midriffs to die for

  • Aayu

    Kareena looking whore in this pic!!

  • sara

    we love anushkaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • fadwa


  • mirna

    anushka is the best in bollywood

  • sandra

    1. anushkaaaaa