Deepika Padukone better than Jacqueline Fernandez opposite Salman Khan in Shhuddhi, think fans!

Wed, August 6, 2014 10:00am IST by
Deepika Padukone better than Jacqueline Fernandez opposite Salman Khan in Shhuddhi, think fans!

The verdict is out as the voters have spoken. Here is who the fans think of as the best actress opposite Salman Khan for Shhuddhi

Deepika Padukone make a better match for Salman Khan in Shhuddhi than Jacqueline Fernandez, so say the fans. In a recent poll we conducted, asking BollywoodLifers whether Salman should act in Shhuddhi opposite the Finding Fanny actor or his Kick heroine the fans revealed that Jacqueline Fernandez wouldn’t make the best pair with Salman again.

Around 55 percent (1418 votes) of the total votes in Dippy’s favour suggested that fans want a fresh pairing and considering that Salman and Deepika have never worked together, Shhuddhi might be a great platform to explore this new chemistry.

45 percent (1138 votes) of the total votes went to Jacqueline thus insinuating that fans loved her romance with Salman in Kick. These fans would love to see Jacky and Salman get together on the silver screen once again.

But looks like fans want Salman to set a new box office record with Deepika by his side in Shhuddhi!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sheila

    Deepika is better than Jacqueline opposite Salman in Shuddhi. Please Deepika and Salman would be a great pair

  • Christina

    Apart from DP fans, no one wants to see Deepika in Shhuddhi. Most Salman fans want either Jackie, Sonam, Kareena or anyone else Salman is friends with. Plus, Deepika stands no chance of being in the film anyways, Salman hates her (he even dropped her name from the Kick success bash). Personally, I want either Jackie or Sonam in the film, Ileana or even Shruti would be good too!

    • myamr

      I agree salman does not want deebika n he is namkng other actresses in his films, deebika wil die for hr cheap behavior even salman wants to work with katrina does not want deepika at all, iam waiting for katrina salman film too but jacqueline, illena dcruz n shruti can be far better than deepika

  • Insurgent

    Go with Jacqueline Fernandez if you need something fresh bollywood!

  • Radha

    Deepika will look awesome with Salman Khan.

  • ajmal

    i think katrina kaif has the best chemistry with salman compared to deepika which is like a man

  • jit

    Jacqline is better than deepika

  • arohi

    salman and deepika pairing is one of the most awaited pairings in btown that way everyone want to see these two together and also deepika wwould be perfect mach for shuddhi

  • Terminator

    DEEPIKA WILL NEVER WORK WITH SALMAN …. the day she signed film opposite salman… shahrukh gonna kick her out of the bollywood

    • unknown

      What you think that srk is owner of Bollywood..?!!! Who desides who in and out!!!??
      Write something logical..which believable!!! And deepy stand with her own stardom…and I never show srk interfere in deepika’s carrer!!

  • hamsanat

    Deepika feet the bill

  • najatlovekiss

    you guys are very funny here, how can you say somebody is better then someone, you are crazy

    • NIA

      They are not funny – they are dumb because everyone voted for Deepika why make dumb assessment.

  • Deepi:*

    Of course Deepika will look much much better then Jacqueline. !!

  • Sona

    Why you guys are comparing Deepika with Jacqueline? Deepika is much more famous and talented than her. Jacqueline need more years to come at Deepika’s potion.

  • Prima

    Yes Deepika Love you :)

  • Rahul

    cast neha sharma or shraddha kapoor

  • Ramesh Damle

    Shuddhi is a typical Indian movie and i think Deepika is perfect for the role. We don’t only have to see the chemistry between Salman and the leading lady, we also have to see that who will look best in that role, So Jacqueline doesn’t has Indian quality Deepika is better for Shuddhi.

    • Sallu’sFan

      Yes you are right even i was going to say the same think.

  • Raju

    Only Deepika that’s it :)

  • Relika

    Jacqueline fernandez is a hot and talented actress and i think she should be opposite to salman khan deepika is just tall model i think jacqueline has a standers of a hollywood actress she cannot compare to deepika people are soo lame

  • pritam

    Salman kisika jutha nahi khata qki deepika ko 2 ranbir ne milkar chusliya hein meri khayal mein jackqline best

    • unknown

      shut up your bad mouth…!!

  • Sonam

    Deepika is the best.

  • Daniel Mishra.

    Jacqueline has a long way to come at Deepika’s potion, and has already worked with Salman Khan. I think Deepika should get a chance to work with Salman so we can see that how their chemistry looks. And we can not judge their chemistry because they didn’t come together up-til now, and so what if Deepika is taller than Salman Khan ? SRK is smaller than Salman Khan but still his and Deepika’s chemistry looks great. so we should wait and see their movie together and then we should judge their chemistry.

    • Deepi:*


  • Tash

    Never going to happen ! DP fans seriously need to get a life!

  • Sanjay Thampan

    Deepika Padukone Is Much Better Than Any Other..!! If Deepika Padukone will Be In Shudhi The Film Will Be A Blast In Box Office..!!! Deepika Has More Than Fans Than Sallu Bhai..!!

  • Shenaya

    Ar u blind can u comapare jacqueline with deepika jacqueline is so talented and strong actress other than deepika padukone…beside there are more beautiful actresses in bollywood than deepika padukone..jacqueline may be new but she has acchived more than you can imagine jacqueline is a beauty queen and top international model jeez these people need to wind their heads!!

  • Jessika andel

    All the world know that should be Gorgeous JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ

  • Sallu’sFan

    Deepika rocks !!

    • Rahul

      but jacqueline rocks more

      • Sallu’sFan

        She rocked just in one film but Deepika rocked in many films and you can’t compare Jac with Deepi because Deepika is more famous and talented than Jac and Jac needs many years to come at Deepi’s potion. Just doing one blockbuster (Kick) it doesn’t mean that Jac has beaten more talented actresses than her like Deepika, Katrina, Priyanka and Kareena.

        • Rahul

          hardly matters who is more talented salman love jacqueline not deepika , so it should be jacqueline

          • Sallu’sFan

            who said that Salman don’t love Deepika ? did he said this from his own mouth ? Only media made a news that Salman Khan is very angry on Deepika but is it true ? did Salman said any think like he hate or Angry on Deepika ? NO ? Then ? You should not trust in any news like this. Salman cut the name of Deepika and Ranbir for his KICK movie bash but maybe there is any reason that we all don’t know. Maybe Deepika already told Salman that she is busy with her Tamasha film so she can’t come. Salman Khan didn’t said any think up-til now so even we should not trust on such fake news.

  • Sallu’sFan

    Deepika is the best choice for Shuddhi

  • Raj


  • Lana

    Deepika Padukone the most beautiful and talented actress than Jacqueline. Love Deepika. :)


    wow Deepika will look best best best in Shuddhi movie.

  • Palki

    Jacqueline is better. She not only looks mesmerising opposite Salman but also has great chemistry on and off screen with him plus she’s an epitome of beauty and has qualities that of an Hollywood actress even.

  • Princess

    Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez are Perfect Match!