Deepika Padukone copies Kareena Kapoor Khan: But who wears it better?

Deepika Padukone copies Kareena Kapoor Khan: But who wears it better?
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Recently, Dippy was seen in an outfit similar to one Kareena had worn for a magazine photoshoot. Let’s take a closer look to decide who carries it best…

Deepika Padukone is known for her great style sense and each time she makes an appearance, we’re left spellbound. However, this once she failed to mesmerise us when she arrived on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil in a dress designed by Atsu. Could it have anything to do with the fact that not so long ago Kareena Kapoor Khan wore the same flowing gown for the cover shoot of Femina magazine? So what was it about the long dress that worked better for Bebo? And what went wrong with Deepika’s look?

The houndstooth patterned top with a bateau neckline and a flowing silk flare skirt is a beautiful creation by Atsu. While the bottom of Bebo’s dress appeared peach coloured, Deepika’s looked like a bright shade of orange. But well, it could be ‘coz of the lighting that the shades looked different. Kareena looked way more comfortable in the thigh-high-slit ensemble, as compared to DP – which surprises us, since Deeps is the model who has no problems with skimpy couture, no? The Begum didn’t shy away from flaunting her fair n’ toned legs peeking through that slashed skirt. However, Deepika had worn a pair of black leggings under the frock – we wonder, why was the hot leggy lass hiding her sexy legs? Was it modesty for television viewers? But then there have been so many short skirts worn by celebs on Kapil Sharma’s show – Parineeti Chopra, Ileana D’Cruz et al, remember? Also, Kareena’s hair-do was more interesting than the Ram-Leela actor’s boring one. It’s unbelievable that style diva Deepika Padukone could ever look blah, but she did indeed.

Also, DP is so known for her originality; then why is she copying Begum Bebo? Or did the stylists mess this one up, we wonder….

While Kareena has won our hearts in her Atsu outfit, did Deepika win yours, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • olfurious

    Ilike both the ladies so very much, the character pooh’s attitude i always want to have. but this time dipps looks great in that outfit becoz its quite difficult to carry dresses that are published in magazines. they mostly are out of leagues for commoners.

  • Bharathi

    DP looks pretty…

    • Hey

      Kareena looks prettier

  • bliss

    Bebo luks far better than deepika in diz dress

  • Manish

    bebo is best…………

  • Minahil

    Love both the ladies , but asusual deepika steals the show :)

  • julie

    Kareena looks best. I like both these stylish ladies and while Deepika has a supermodel’s body and can look good in almost anything, somehow this did not quite work for her as well as it did for Kareena who brought more softness and femininity to it

  • mz

    I think it maybe down yo the volume of the skirt. With kareena holding her leg high it cuts the skirt ans so you don’t feel the volume. Unfortunately with deepika this is not the case and so she looks frumpy. …just my opinion

  • Priyanka

    Kareena was posing for a photoshoot, she cnt stick her legs out like that in a tv show, whereas deepika has to be on a tv show, whr she has to sit,stand and dance nw n often.So that makes the whole difference.If Deepika had juz to pose in that dress, only then u can compare.

    • pratyusha

      rightly said

  • myview

    Well, this kind of stupid comparison makes no sense, they both look great in their own way. And hello…even if they are celebrities, they are also normal human being, everytime they can’t get 10 on 10 in style!!!!!!!!!

  • :p

    Thou deepika is sexier and kareena is cuter
    Here kareena has sexy touch <3333

  • sadie

    I see no basis for comparism here cos Kareena is doing a photo shoot for a cover magazine while dip is casual,if Deepika were to do a photoshoot in the same dreen,then u can compare. Kareena had her face fully made up with a pose just for the camera while Deepika is only casually wearing the out. No basis for comparism

  • t

    R U Kidding!?? Deepika looks ahhmazingg in the dress…deepika was not even Photoshopped unlike kareena…and i worst part…how is kareena hair “more interesting” thats like my everyday look..and how is deepikas hair boring!?? thats just madness dippy is prob the only lady who really experiments with her hair everytime..but that doesnt mean she has to always do something TOTALLY out of the world all the time…seriously this is bias against dippy..

  • tani

    nahh i dis agree..
    no 1 can beat deepika in fashion..she’s jus jus gorgeous, awsum, wonderfull..
    any blind can say she’s lukin way way bettr dn kareena..
    i think the writer of this article is nuts..cant u diffrentiate?? deepika is standin in a tv show nt a ramp n kareena is posin 4 a mag..i can’t understand a person writin’ an articale n can’t realize what lame reasons he’s givin 2 justify himself..
    you think deepika should hve gone at d show n start her ramp walk??? so u cant have to say this :P :P :p very funny :P :p
    evry 1 knows..deepika is master when it cums tou pose 4 a mag or walk on ramp..kareena can neva beat her on ramp..