Posted Thu, August 16, 2012 1:57pm IST

The actor went all the way to Jammu to meet soldiers of the Indian Army. And even though she was unwell, the babe made sure she got herself thoroughly acquainted with the way a jawan leads his life

As Deepika Padukone played basketball and badminton with the soldiers and rode a T72 tank with great enthusiasm, the Cocktail actor wished that she could do this all day. From shooting a rifle to jumping off a wall, the athletic babe had a gala time with the Indian soldiers. But her day wasn’t restricted to sports and action; the soldiers also danced and crooned and entertained Deeps in the best way possible.  In fact, there was a moment when Ms Padukone broke down and cried when a jawan expressed his discontent about not being able to do much for his family, since his job was so demanding. The host of the show asked the actor if she felt the same at times, since she also belongs to a profession that leaves her with very little time for family. Deepika was unable to answer this question and simply held the mike and sobbed uncontrollably. It was an emotional moment for both the jawan and for Deepika and it seemed as if they instantly connected on that one subject.

The Jai Jawan Independence Day special aired on NDTV was a heart-wrenching one. We are quite impressed with the way Ms Padukone communicated with the soldiers, spent quality time with them, and lent a patient ear to their experiences. It was a great watch!

Photos: NDTV movies