Deepika Padukone ignores Ranbir Kapoor in France

Deepika Padukone ignores Ranbir Kapoor in France
Yogen Shah

Dippy and Ranbir are currently in France shooting for their upcoming film Tamasha but we hear the former isn’t staying in the same hotel as the latter. Is trouble brewing between these two ex-lovers? Read on to know full scoop…

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor have remained good friends even after their break-up. After working together in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, the duo has now teamed up for Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha. In fact, the dusky beauty and the Kapoor lad are in France shooting for the same project. However, Ms Padukone has apparently been put in a different hotel while the rest of cast and crew members are staying at the same place. But the question is why? Is it coz DP wants to maintain safe distance from her ex-flame? Not exactly! Her staying in another hotel has got more to do with Katrina Kaif. Rumours suggest that the Happy New Year wants to avoid bumping into Kat as she often drops by on the sets to meet  Ranbir. So if Ms Kaif visits RK on the sets of Tamasha and if Deepika is there then the situation is bound to get awkward, no?

But apart from Katrina, there is one more reason why DP is staying in another hotel. While talking to a leading daily, a source said, “Deepika also wants a certain amount of privacy, in case her current beau Ranveer Singh drops by. Her private life has been under the scanner a little too much of late, and she wants to avoid any unpleasant or awkward situations that may provide further grist for the rumour mills.”

Though Dippy’s close aids have denied these reports wethinks its a wise move by the talented lass if in case its true. Coz that way Ranbir-Katrina and Deepika-Ranveer would able to spend quality time with each other without worrying about the ‘ex’ factor.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • najatlovekiss

    do you guys think anybody cares about this kind of stupidity

    • euglo

      just leave them they are just idiots who reports sources mostly the talented lass (witchika) they are stupid and witchikas servent

      • jessica

        lmaooooo “witchika” really? how old are we? Clearly you need some growing up to do. You sound like a possessed person

        • euglo

          old enough to know right from wrong unlike dp fans who are so obssesed that they are blind and turning idotic

          • jessica

            If u knew right from wrong u would know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m sure u are a fan of some celebrity and there is nothing wrong with that.Your hatred is turning you into an immature person. You act as if the story said anything bad about anyone. she can do whatever she wants if she wants a different room she will get it.Haters like you will never be satisfied with anything,you will always find a reason to insult her. i feel so sorry for u because its not healthy,smh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SId.

    this obsessed whore deepika needs to calm down ranveer hai na to fuck her, so why this stress..

    • EE

      Wow , what class, using such words, your family must be so proud , uneducated idiot

  • unknown

    look all comments!!! stop abusing deepika…!!! if she stay in different hotel what’s problem in that???

    they all haven’t other work..!!! only abuse deepika..

    if she stay same hotel with rk and both pictures captured that time haters also abused deepy..and now she stay away from rk what s problem…
    she only wants privacy …
    if they happy separately then why this type of nonsense…

    • M

      U r absoulutely right
      Thr s only one person who s abusing deepika iman ali using diff names lyk najat luv kiss n so on he s a psycho
      Just get this one straight iman ali deepika is at top bcoz of her hard work she s very talented n beautiful she s a grt actress very versatile soo shut ut filthy mouth

  • d

    plz decide is katrina going to the sets or not bocz few hours back u had written that ranbir has told katrina not to come on sets and plus katrina has no time rite as she is shooting.

  • truth

    Cheapikas PR burning like cheapika, go to hell! Ranbir n katrina are going to celebrate together thats y cheapika made this news. This news should be like this ranbir kapoor ignored cheapika for beautiful katrina kaif!

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir and Katrina are not spending time together!

    • Rohini Verma

      Also Ranbir doesn’t love Deepika or Katrina ok! So please just drop it

  • aliya

    rk and dippy have been gud frndz post break up and all controversies. so whats your guys problem If they both are trying to maintain there personal lives. let ranveer and deepika enjoy.

  • Guest

    HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT??? Ugh.. Where do you get these kind of information!!???

  • anjaan

    Whatever anyone say – Deepika always comes across to me as a class act. Besides, why should we even bother where who stays ?? They are professional enough to work together but still are normal humans wanting to maintain their distance.

  • euglo

    whose source should we believe the one that says deepika ignoring ranbir or her close aids which says she isnt if you have any other source to clear this very sourceful article please do tell and same goes for when ranbir asked katrina to not visit him on sets or the source which says she will celebrate her bday in corisica

  • ganga

    Miss so much concerned about awkwardness why did she spend fortnight with ranveer in front of his ex anushka. Much double standards. As you sow is what you reap. You make things awkward for somebody else and somebody else is gona make things awkward for you

    • EE

      Virat was there with anushka, if deepika wants to spend time with her bf nothing wrong in that, just like nothing wrong with katrina spending time with her bf