Deepika Padukone loses her luggage for the fourth time!

The leggy lass is mighty miffed with the airline and we are quite sure she won’t be traveling them ever again…

Deepika Padukone recently lost her luggage courtesy British Airways. And the dusky beauty is so angry that she took to Twitter and expressed her displeasure over the incident. Well, why shouldn’t she? After all, this is the fourth time that the talented actor’s baggage has been misplaced by the British airline. Ms Padukone posted on the popular social networking site, “Seems like British Airways’ hobby is losing bags! 4th time & pretty sure not the last! #appalling.” That’s not all! The Happy New Year babe further wrote, “Should have stuck to my 1st and favourite choice of @emirates @EmiratesSupport #lessonlearnt @BritishAirways.”

Ranveer Singh’s alleged ladylove was returning from her Italian holiday when she lost her bags. Apparently, Deepika even complained about the incident after taking a flight from Naples. While only a miracle can get DP her luggage bag, British Airways on the other hand needs to be very cautious coz they have always been involved in high-profile luggage losses. We say so coz not too long ago, Hollywood starlet Kim Kardashian also lost her luggage and she too vented out her anger on British Airways on Twitter. Time to buckle up BA!