Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma: Who will Salman Khan choose for Kick?

Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma: Who will Salman Khan choose for Kick?

The two hot babes are furiously vying for the top role against Sallu in his next flick

The pretty ladies of Bollywood are just as caught, in fact even more, than the male actors, in on-screen rivalries that spill onto their real lives. And if sources are to be believed, the current hottest heroine spat in B-town is between the leggy lass Deepika Padukone and the bubbly Anushka Sharma. The two actors are reportedly lobbying hard to land a role opposite Salman Khan in Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick.

Apparently, the project is important to both Deepika and Anushka. Even though she doesn’t have enough dates as she is shooting for Ram Leela and Chennai Express, Dips is dying to do Kick as she wants to work with Salman Khan. Anushka’s agenda is that the movie would help her enter the glam league and land more such over-the-top, commercial roles in masala flicks. And with Kick reported to go on floors soon, it remains to be seen which actor will emerge the winner.

Although both the babes would suit the role, we guess Anushka needs it more, since she has only Peekay opposite Aamir Khan coming up, while Deepika’s kitty is pretty much full until next year. So tell us, who do you feel would look perfect opposite Salman Khan in Kick: Anushka or Deepika?

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  • karina

    I want to see Diana Penty in the film. Deepika’s already full and so is Anushka with Bombay Velvet and PK. Diana-Salman would make a good couple!!

  • Saif

    I think Dip will fit the role opposite Salman Bhai

  • Kunal

    I think…..DEEPIKA PADUKONE….. Should b d heroine of KICK….!!!

  • olesea


  • asimuddin

    anushka shrama is beautifull girl she is lovely she is sexy she is decent face she is number 1 herione bollywood salman khan is very old man he is 50 + anushka just 24 she is lovely girl . but salman opp anushka sign right . anushka by your lovely fan

  • ayush


  • khorshed

    Depika is very much fit for kick with king than rather than anushka

  • onika

    Deepika.She my favourite and wonderful actress..I think she & sallu will look great together.

  • arjun

    Deepika Padukone will be perfect for KICK movie

  • maanav

    Deepika anyday …. but first get your facts right … anushka also has the anurag kashyap movie with ranbir …

  • zara khan

    Anushka will be perfect for kick

  • ruchi

    Deepika would be perfect for Kick. I can’t stand that annoying piece of crap Anushka with my Salman so my vote goes to Deepika :)

  • gaurav

    Deepika for sure, she would look so good with Salman

  • giya

    deepika will be the best for the role love u deepika

  • diya

    i think deepika will look good with salman my vote for one and only deepika

  • Anushka

    i think Deepika sud b taken in KICk opposite Salman…!! nt Anushka..:P

  • sunny shah

    both deepika and anushka belong to shahrukh khan gadha camp
    i think bipasha basu is best

  • Jatin

    I want zareen

  • Sahib

    I also want anushka sharma