Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif – Who can replace Kareena Kapoor Khan in Shuddhi? Vote!

Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif – Who can replace Kareena Kapoor Khan in Shuddhi? Vote!
Yogen Shah

Karan Johar said recently that the cast of the film could be changed since it has been postponed. So will Hrithik Roshan still be the leading man? And who will play the part of the heroine? You tell us!

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karan Johar have confirmed in their own ways that there will be a change in the cast of the long-delayed Shuddhi. And since then we have been wondering who could step into the very sexy stilettos of Begum Kapoor-Khan. There are many could take the Jab We Met star’s place in KJo’s haute list. We’re sure that everyone and their cousin will speculate endlessly about this; but we give you a chance to decide your favourite for that top spot.While both Johar and Karan Malhotra – the director of Shuddhi – did announce that Kareena was very much part of their ambitious project that would bring her together with Hrithik Roshan after ten years, KJo’s recent statement to the media hinted at a change. He said, “Shuddhi may take six months, even a year to go on the floors. We are still working on the schedule. Hrithik Roshan’s health issues, which lead to Bang Bang being pushed forward has had its share of repercussions. Shuddhi stands indefinitely delayed and right now I don’t know where it is going. I can’t expect an actress to wait indefinitely. I feel terrible for Bebo, who is a special friend, the sibling I never had.”

Kareena was defensive when asked to comment on reports of her being replaced. She said, “I don’t know when it will happen. Since one and half years, it has got postponed. I haven’t met Karan Johar and Hrithik is busy doing a movie titled Bang Bang. Whenever the movie goes to the floors, I will decide whether to do it.”

Assuming that KKK will move on to other things and not be part of Shuddhi, a new heroine would have to be found for Hrithik – if he is still part of the film, of course. You tell us who that leading lady could be….

Deepika Padukone: Kareena once said that the Race 2 babe should thank her for the success of Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela, because she had turned down Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who replaces her with Deepika. The Cocktail gal could have easily have retorted by mentioning the fate of Bebo’s long list of flops from Gori Tere Pyar Mein and Satyagraha to Talaash and Heroine. Instead, Ms Padukone said that KJo’s favourite (read: once favourite) heroine should do charity as an alternate profession. Not a great comeback, but at the rate the Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani babe is climbing the success ladder, we would not be surprised to see her step into the No. 1 spot – once Kareena’s. So will she take Shuddhi from KKK?

Katrina Kaif: While Kareena might be fond of Kat as potential sister-in-law, rumours suggest that Hrithik chose Katrina (Bang Bang) over Kareena (Shuddhi) while allotting dates for his shoots after his brain surgery and recovery. The result: a delay in Shuddhi and the subsequent possible ouster of the Begum from the film. We also hear that the Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara actors don’t just look good together and share great chemistry, but are extremely fond of each other too, which could be another reason that Ms Kaif won over Mrs Khan in the scheduling battle. With Salman Khan not likely to offer her too many roles as his heroine, we’re sure Kat wouldn’t mind romancing the sexy Krrish actor onscreen.

Priyanka Chopra: The dosti between Roshan Jr and PeeCee dates back to Krrish 2 – it showed loud and clear on Koffee with Karan season 2 and she has been a constant in his superhero series. And when Priyanka and HR came together with Karan Malhotra in Agneepath, they rocked the box office. We’re sure that the Dharma Productions camp will seriously consider the hit pair for Shuddhi, if it ever takes off.

Alia Bhatt: She is the new Kareena Kapoor in B-town. At least, that’s what Karan Johar has been saying lately. Having debuted in KJo’s Student Of The Year and followed that up with another film from Dharma Productions, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya opposite her debut co-star Varun Dhawan, Ms Bhatt’s next film with Imtiaz Ali, Highway shows a lot of promise. Perhaps if she proves her mettle as an actor, Karan might really have his new Bebo. In that case, Alia could be the obvious – and younger – replacement for Kareena in Shuddhi, hai na?

Parineeti Chopra: Her latest movie with Dharma Productions (Hasee Toh Phasee) has just been released and is garnering very good reviews, especially for Pari’s performance. If the film does well and the Jr Chopra babe’s acting impresses the powers that be, she might just bag another plum role. And Shuddhi opposite Hrithik Roshan will definitely add luster to her filmi resume.

Okay, so now you tell us, BollywoodLifers – who could replace Kareena Kapoor Khan in Shuddhi? Vote now!

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  • guest

    please don’t let it be Alia…she looks like she could be Hrithik daughter. my vote is for Deepika!!! (I’ve seen enough of his chemistry with PC and Katrina)

    • Karan

      Why? You people never mind seeing SRK and Salman with 18-19 year old girls despite of being near to 50! That was one major reason why Jab Tak Hai Jaan under performed, SRK-Anushka/Kat pair looked odd.
      Alia is doing a film with Randeep (much older than her) called “Highway” and the promos and songs are looking impressive.

      • guest

        The difference is Alia still looks like a child (she has a baby face). Anushka and Katrina def look young next to SRK; however, they look like women. And I also believe Randeep/Alia pairing is weird ,but seeing as its a hatke story (something about kidnapping) I can deal. Hrithik looks like a heartthrob…greek god type who needs to be paired with a woman. Alia has a long successful career ahead of her, right now she should work with the younger lot.

    • Mahnoor

      Loool!! Ur right, hrithik is 30-40 smething n alia is 19-20 but yeah karan is right Srk n anushka, Srk n Katrina deepika n shah rukh theres many who r either older or u younger than their co-stars

  • majja

    katrina only with hrithik they are awesome hot stuff

  • majja

    bang bang katrina and want also kat in shuddhi

  • Najat Razak Mumuni

    with katrina it will be good to watch,and they look like a real couple. they have done only one film, so we need to see more of them, i only want katrina and hrithik, but i think katrina will not do it, because the film was for Kareena.

    • Karan

      They do have good chemistry, but as everyone knows Kat in not known for acting abilities. And Shuddhi is a periodic intense love story which would require great acting skills from whole star cast, that’s why I don’t think that it will be offered to her.
      Hrithik and Katrina are coming together with a Bang though on October 2nd!

      • Najat Razak Mumuni

        even Katrina will not do it, she does not do left over movies,whether she no how to act or not when she is a part of a movie it be come successful,

      • Cattypuss

        Have you read Times of India today?? Roshan has just made an announcement that he is pulling out of Shuddhi !!!!! Nooooooooo!!! :-(

        • Karan

          Yes, it is all over in media. It’s really a sad news.:-( First ‘Paani’(aka Water which was even bigger project and had some Hollywood connection), and now ‘Shuddhi’. I’m not sure where is his career going right now. He’s really hurt by the separation from his wife, and she’s busy partying hard.

          You were right that Hrithik shouldn’t go to some so called motivational guru. I think he has a lot of faith in his close one’s and others, who may misguide him. That motivational guru’s name was probably suggested by Aamir Khan, who himself has history with controversies and is known for his clever mind.

          The Hrithik I have known for years, is very inspirational and full of positive energy, but it seems like this marital issue has completely broken him.

          • Cattypuss

            I replied to another one of your posts to me and told you what I thought of the situation. He is not going to get back on track relying on some bull dust ‘life coach’. He’s problems are much deeper than that. He’s clearly shattered, and giving up projects because of it – and at this stage he’s not trusting anyone – hence his outburst over ‘friends’ backstabbing him. In recent photos he just looks ‘beaten’ & very tired, very sombre. I don’t know what else to say, except it’s hard seeing him slowly fall apart like this. :-(

          • Cattypuss

            Touching base with you again Karan – It seems that Roshan has been approached to play a part in a movie called Saffron Skies. Nicholas Cage and Dustin Hoffman are earmarked for roles in this. As you may know Hoffman is a titan in Hollywood, and Cage’s real name is Coppola – a member of the influential Coppola family that made the The Godfather trilogies. These movies launched and cemented many of the stars that played roles in that franchise. Roshan would be absolutely barking mad if he knocked back a role in this movie. Most actors would KILL for a chance to work with Dustin Hoffman. Besides I think he is making a fatal mistake ditching movies like Paani and Shuddhi. It sends the wrong message to directors that he can’t be totally relied upon :-( I sincerely hope that he isn’t going to rely on his father for future roles. As far as I am concerned Roshan does his best work outside pappa Roshan’s influence.


  • doumind

    Why not Sonakshi Sinha.

    • Karan

      God no! She has done a dozen of movies already in past 2-3 years and her characters in each of them have been same with only Lootera being an exception.

  • Guest

    it should be deepika dis time

  • heena

    Deepika Padukone !!!

  • khushi

    Katrina kaif. The queen of Bollywood..

  • Karan

    Deepika seems to be the most logical choice. She has previously said that she wants to work with HR, she’s also most successful actress today with a great 2013!

    Although, I think you could have found better names for the poll. Why not Sonam Kapoor? They looked great together in a recent Oppo mobile ad. Anushka Sharma and Tamanna Bhatia are another names I would love to see along with Hrithik. I think Hrithik should start working with fresh names as he has worked enough times with Priyanka, not that Priyanka is a bad choice but we recently saw them together in Agneepath and Krrish 3.

    If I were Karan, I would choose Deepika Padukone or Anushka or Sonam Kapoor or Tamanna, as they have never worked with HR before and it would be a fresh pair, hai na? Waiting for this movie!

    • Cattypuss

      I liked Sonam & Hrithik together as well. She has a lovely open face with a big smile to match. She looked really sweet in that OPPO commercial. India has so many beautiful women it is hard to choose. But at the end of the day I guess it will be the director and Hrithik who will have the final say on the matter O_O

      • Karan

        Indeed, there are many beautiful women in India, and Sonam is one of them. I liked them together as well. Her acting skills aren’t top notch, but she’s been improving as of late. And judging by what I have been hearing about ‘Shuddhi’, I think it will require top class acting from whole star cast, it isn’t a typical rom-com or action thriller.
        I do think she can pull it off though, but she would need to put on a hard effort.

        I think it will be director and producer (who know each other from years) who will have the final say, Hrithik wouldn’t mind working with anyone, if that was the case, then he wouldn’t have said yes to work with Kareena, as they had bad experience in past and were not in talking terms for almost a decade.

  • khushi

    Katrina kaif The better choice for other actress. Hrithik and Katrina rock the box office. The most romantic couple ever….

    • Najat Razak Mumuni

      sorry but i think katrina will not do left over movies, she deserves better, and if the film was offered to her first then i think she will do it, i want to see them more and more but not this one,

  • Guest

    deepika all the time

  • Gunday 14th Feb ❤️

    Deepika or priyanka

  • <3cppd<3

    i think priyanka n hrithik pair is the best at box office..hrithik biggest blockbusters are with priyanka only..but deepika also will be great…either priyanka or deepika…but no waayyyy kareena….katrina is very beautiful but i dnt think she will suit such she shud not do the film..

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Deepika and forget the rest! She will be a good co-star for Hrithik.

  • Abhi

    i dont know why people says katrina have no acting abilities,are they blind,since the starting she is proving herself through acting,dancing.. whatever the role she plays she gives her 100% as all her movies

  • EE

    Deepika is best choice, hers and Hrithik will be fresh pair not seen before

  • nervends

    Deepika or Priyanka.

  • Guest

    l hate Katrina

  • Mohim Roy


  • Mohim Roy

    Hope it’ll be priyanka. ….she’s the most beautiful, versatile and the most talented actress undoubtedly. … should be her…2nd choice would be deepika

  • Rashmi

    Deepika is the perfect choice for Shuddhi… Kjo go for it.. I am sure u will struck gold at box office..

  • Anonymous

    None.Aishwarya would be my choice.Ash-hrithik pair is eternal and I am not even a fan of either.

  • Mahnoor

    Deepika or Alia, cos they hvent wrked with Hrithik yet so probably them, hwever Parineeti , i don’t think she is suitable 4 this role, probably same with alia I think Deepika is good 4 the heroine.

  • Cattypuss

    Strictly on looks I would pick Katrina Kaif – Priyanka is a very pretty girl but she is ruining herself by getting botox injections in her lips. It’s a turn-off for me. I don’t know enough about Deepika to make a considered judgement. I don’t wish to seem unkind, but I think Kareena looks a little too mature for the role – but that’s just me. It’s a shame that Ash is not in the running because she and Roshan create box office magic together. Well, whoever gets the part I hope the movie is a roaring success. He needs something positive in his life right now.

    • Karan

      I don’t think that they will consider Katrina’s name for it. I agree with you on Priyanka, she has ruined herself by the multiple lip jobs.
      Anushka Sharma would have been most ideal choice a year ago, but she too got a lip job recently, I feel bad for her, she was beautiful before and didn’t need it at all, it has completely ruined her face, and now facing the criticism for it. I wanted to see her with HR a year ago, but now Deepika looks like a clear favorite to get this offer, I hope Sonam is also into consideration, it could be a stepping stone for her.

      • Cattypuss

        1. Karen – Can you explain to me what Shuddhi will be about – I have a rough idea. It’s something to do with re-incarnation and Krishna, right??

        2.On the subject of lip jobs – I honestly can’t understand why these girls are doing this. They don’t need it!!

        3. As I said previously I don’t know enough about Deepika’s career, so I will bow to your better judgement :-) Btw – I have ordered Roshan’s first movie. The one that launched his career, and sent Indian womanhood into meltdown – lol My hubby watched Dhoom2 with me the other night and said Roshan had more gadgets than James Bond and that Ash was ‘hot’. Mmmmmmm, not sure how I feel about that, lol. So now I have Jodhaa Ackbar, Dhoom2, and soon Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Next I think I will get Guzaarish. What other movies of his do you recommend?? I trust your judgement impeccably :-)

        • Karan

          1. Yes, reportedly this movie is an intense love story based on the theme of re-incarnation. Not, Krishna, but he was rumored to play the lord Shiva in it, which was later denied by the director.

          2. Me too, I wish there was a brain job, lol.

          3. Dhoom 2 had brilliant performances by whole star cast, especially by the leading pair(except maybe Bachchan’s sidekick).

          Guzaarish is a must watch, a masterpiece. You have already planned for Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, which is also very good.
          First tell me what kind of movies you like most, of what genres etc? I do have some names in my mind, but thought I should ask about your preference/taste before. And thank you for trusting me :)

          • Cattypuss

            Hrithik has just pulled out of Shuddhi – and I don’t buy the lame reason he gave Times of India either. I think there’s a lot more as to why he has pulled the pin. Karen – as a professional nurse I think this guy is in serious trouble. He’s clearly deeply depressed and not handing the fact that Sussanne has walked out on him. Then there was the kerfuffle of the Krrish box office takings. Then his recent outburst in the media about backstabbing friends. He thinks a ‘life coach’ is going to get him through this-it won’t. These guys are not trained to handle somebody in a depressed state. That is the job of a proper psychologist who would probably put him on a 6 month course of well targeted anti-depressant medication and professional counseling. Damned frustrated that I can’t offer him any of this – just shaking my head here in Australia in sadness for this guy.

            On your other question – I do like a good action movie, and drama too, if they are well made. I also like historical pieces. For example: Lawrence of Arabia, Leo Tolstoy’s War & Peace. Loved Dances with Wolves, Bridge on the River Kwai, Doctor Zhivago, Titanic, ect. So I guess I like a mix as long as it is well made and well acted. I don’t like horror movies – Jack Nickleson’s, The Shining cured me forever on that score, lol.

  • Manoj Patel


  • Guest

    shuddhi’s shooting as not yet started so we can’t say anything who knows maybe kareena will accept bcoz we haven’t seen the pair since 10 years i wish she accepts it if it is not kareena than it should definetly be katrina bcoz she has a great chemistry with hrithik compare to others

  • Thash G.

    Either Deepika Padukone or Sonam Kapoor…fresh pairing with Hrithik!
    But Deepika is the favourite chose! Hrithik and Deepika together will create magic on screen with their chemistry!

  • Sudipta Dasgupta

    My vote is for Deepika Padukone

  • khushi

    Kat all time best…

  • :P

    hey guys! what do u think about kristen stewart and robert pattinson reunite?

  • Youseeme

    what are alia and Parineeti doing here? lol. someone are lost. I would love to see KAREENA and KAREENA only.. but if not her, then deepika and priyankaaaa <3

  • kimnana

    noone…we want to see kareena kapoor and kareena kapoor only. we have waited 10+ years to see kareena & hritik onscreen again. this movie will be a huge only for their pairing…everyone knows that. they are ganna set the screen on fire.

    pc is……BORING
    deepika is …..OVERRATED & BORING
    alia is …..a KID
    pareeniti…doesnt have any CHARM lacks STAR QUALIY

    so kareena it is!!!

  • kimnana

    deepika’s pr needs to take a chill pill….always eyeing Kareena’s projects!!

  • Hart dixie

    let me put this in a nice way, Kat can’t act legit she has no expression. she can dance, i give that to her but deepika can dance better and act better. give the movie to Kat and with her acting skills you will get a flop.
    p.s. the only reason why some of her films are worth watching are because of the amazing male leads she works with.

  • safia siftain

    Priyanka looks is very pretty in krish 1,2,3 so Priyanka

  • shumaila

    ofcourse katrina she shares a good chemistry with hrithik roshan and she always rockssssss deepika is yaksssssss

  • aliya

    hahhahahahaha Katrina in shuddhi. no way man not even alia she will look toooooooo young in front of sallu. depika or priyanka can do justice to role

  • Amish

    Deepika is the best choice . Priyanka however can do the action sequences better. Kareena is a poor choice for the role as she neither has the looks nor has acting talentt. She looks like a man in saree.

  • suman

    Deepika is the best for suddhi…bcz she is very talented nd most beautiful…….so deeps