Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif – who will make a sexy politician?

Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif – who will make a sexy politician?

Bollywood actors are queuing up to participate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, but here’s our pick of Bollywood babes who should make a glamourous and add their star value in the otherwise colourless political duniya

Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor Khan would add the much needed spunk in the serious and grim world of politics. May be their sex appeal might just add to the otherwise drab election propaganda. While we know that dimpled beauties like Kirron Kher and Gul Panag have already found their ticket to politics and then there are actors who have turned politicians like Rekha, Jaya Bachchan, Hema Malini or Jaylalitha who are making waves in rajneeti . But here’s why the ruling queens of tinsel town can add to up the glam quotient in the more serious elections.

Deepika Padukone: Talking about Bollywood’s political scenario, she has changed the whole number game in Hindi film industry post her successful stint last year. She delivered four Rs 100 crore movies and is sought after by most filmmakers today.  While Dippy has become a victim of success, thanks to other heroines boycotting this babe and asking their stylists to follow their diktat, we are sure that her lucky streak is still going strong. Not only will this leggy lass bring beauty on a podium but her midas touch might work wonders for politicos, hai na?

Priyanka Chopra: The Exotic babe sang her way into the hearts of her fans. From being a Bollywood heroine, she’s now an international artist and a songstress. We’re sure that PeeCee’s In My City might just prove like a perfect anthem for some party and can easily set the mood for a fun party. Not to forget the actor might also get some practice for her role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s next film Madamji, which happens to be based on an item gal turned politician.

Katrina Kaif: The Rajneeti actor’s stint as a politician in Prakash Jha’s film starring beau Ranbir Kapoor didn’t get her as much accolades, however her popularity and Chikni chameli act will make a normal promotional event an instant hit, right? Considering that everyone from Akshay Kumar to Kabir Khan consider Kat as their lucky mascot she might make for an interesting collaboration for a needy political party.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: This beauty is definitely out of action in Bollywood, so unlike her contemporaries she can make a easy switch to the other world. And unlike the senior heroines, she doesn’t need to wait another few years to change her profession. With a little help from Nawab husband Saif Ali Khan, some smart suggestions from saasuma Sharmila Tagore and support from good friend Karan Johar we’re sure the sexy Ms Kapoor Khan can make a brand new career and lend her star presence.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • najatlovekiss

    why do you always have to say deepika name before anyone, i have said this and i will say it again, bollywoodlife you are cheap, and do you even have to do this, you already no the answer is Katrina , get a life

    • gurlkitten should b dippylife not bollywoodlife. hahahha

      • najatlovekiss

        you are right, they are full of shit and nonsense

    • mad kat

      no…it should be!

      • najatlovekiss

        you are crazy to say that,

    • hai na?

      so true they are prasing her like she invent something new! shes fucking bitch today in demand tomorrow already forgotten! 2017 deep..who??

  • nitika

    LOL.. Katrina and sexy, i have doubt.. IMAO

  • aisha

    All of them r sexy , but the one who is believable as a politician is non other than Priyanka. The woman can speak well & intelligently, that comes across in her interviews & whenever she makes award acceptance speeches. That’s what probably propelled her to become miss world back then.

    • ange

      Well said…

  • narimdn

    deepika, isnt it obvious????

    • hai na?

      so true she knows the best hot to manipulate people by playing the victim card over and over again…shes a fake bitch!

      • zee

        You’re clearly an angry little bitch.

  • anita

    deepika and priyanka!!!

    • Mac

      Priyanka is any day a better speaker and professional orator and neither Deepika nor Katrina can stand up against her.

      • aisha

        Go watch Marykom and support it, carry your friends and family along its a really nice movie judging from what most pple are saying. If you have already spread the word on yr face book page, cos there are some spreading negativity on the web so pple should watch it. Support MK & pc.



  • unknown

    priynka. her look like politicion. good speak person, smart.

  • Iman Ali

    No .1 is katrina because her popularity graph is never going down , other actresse come and make their one year hit ang goes down even u would see deepika would go down and she need to work hard to compete other actresses as well like anushka sharma and sonam having signed good films than her. Katrina’s popularity is always being compared with khans more big stars she is more powerful actress in India topping many lists from sexiest woman poll to Forbes riches indian celebrities( where her contemporaries are directly khans).

    • sangeeta

      hahahaha.. Big Joke… without acting skill she is compared to KHAN’s … Deepika is far far better than this fake bitch and even no comparison .

      • heena

        Deepika is fake bitch , ah ranbir ,,,,…. oh ranbir ….. ranbir ranbir ….. ranveer …. ops I ment ranbir.

        • hai na?

          so true shes ”the girl with the broken heart” does anyone know why salman and kat broke up? NOOOOOOOO shes smart!!!
          while dp is still speaking about her one year relationship after 5 years with media…desperate!

          • maria

            everyone knows why kat and salman broke up you idiot lmao

      • hai na?

        wow have you seen the list of men dp was with never ending dude!
        shes even paying bollywoodlife and sucking their dick! shes a whore with a big hole….uhhh

    • yazz

      u must be joking her popularity is strong through her dance n item songs n her face value n ads but she must pull on her socks in acting n choosing the right projects as besides awesome dancing she didnt have a good role in dhoom 3 her only movie last year

    • AYAN…

      kat……a dumb woman…….dnt compare her to deeps. dose who r fetching such comparisions are suffering frm insanity….sure abt dat.

      • hai na ?

        i dont think so! ayan said it to shes very smart and he is a very good friend to deepika! in yur face bitch !

        • zee

          Who is Ayan, some god? Idiot. Who gives a shit what faggot little Ayan said? He’s in love with Ranbir and in order to make him happy praises his girlfriend.

    • anon

      We don’t need pakis to decide this poll. Go help your own country and for god sakes give some hits to lollywood websites.

      • Mac

        Well said!



  • Barbie

    I genuinely believe that deepika would make the best poiliticean not only becos she is hot n sexy also to the reason that she is smart and intelligent. With all respect to other actresses i believe deepika stands out in everything. Way to go gallll !!!!!

  • deepu

    pc anyday….

  • yazz

    priyanka of course

  • yazz

    priyanka chopra is the best actress qween of bollywood biggest superstar worldwide singer lyricist also now

  • pia

    it should be priyanka and deepika

  • pia

    katrina would be only for show off

    • Mac

      Katrina has passed sell by date

  • फिरदौस बानो

    जैसे ही ऑटो एक मोड़ से मुड़ा, मैंने ऐसा नाटक किया कि जैसे मैं लुढ़क रहा
    हूँ और अपने चेहरे को उसकी मांसल काँखों में घुसेड़ दिया और लंबी सांस
    खींचते हुए उसकी काँखों को चाट लिया और हल्के से काट लिया।
    हजारों कहानियाँ हैं अन्तर्वासना डॉट कॉम पर !

  • Dia

    Deepika or Priyanka.

  • Manish

    Katrina is a bimbo and not an Indian so we would have another Sonia Gandhi kinda takeover and we cant have that.. Kareena cant speak to save her life.. that leaves us with sexy and smart Deepika and Priyanka.. both are classy ladies who are not afraid to speak their mind and would be great leaders

    • green

      Both are good for poticians , one is eyeing somebodys husband , even took a house in same area , and another one dosnt stop playing political games on other actewss. I have never such an evil person like dp in entire bollywood. She can fall to any extent.

      • SHANAYA




  • hemant

    Deepika would make an apt politician coz she knows very well how to play politics , be it either sheding crocodile tears on her cheating which she is still milking after 5 years breakup and dating two guys post that breakup , no record why dp broke up with siddharth malliya. Or leaking blind items and pr articals of her rivals dp has been boycotted by otheractresses , pc is jelous of dps sucess , her relatively younger actress is inquirying about dps projects , bebo is begging slb for mastani , were as dp is wishing to work in zoyas next but when bebo does same , she is begging , katrina is sulking coz she dint get imtiyazs next . Deepika is apt choice to play politician , she knows to play all type of crooked games on her rivals . She is shakuni of bollywood. Do everything than act bechari dukhi athma . Ranbir ranbir ranbir ranbir……

    • hai na?

      thank you! im done with dumb and fake bitch Deepika!

      • unknown

        continue nisa, hai na continue… apni sari frustration, gussa, insecurity nikaldo apne brain se dp ko abused karke… atleast your mind will be relax..

  • nisha

    Katrina..she was so good in rajneeti.

    • Kevin

      lol ok, she cant deliver one dialogue in hindi and you reckon she was so good!

  • nisha

    pls not again deepika ….she is artifical and fake.

    • hai na?

      i dont no way people are in this industry who can not act at all!

      • unknown

        you are right. “no acting skills” listing first name in everyone mind is kat. what are she doing in this industry? then turn others hai na?

  • nisha

    katrina and only katrina.She is not just sexy but smart too.

  • nisha

    Deepika’s voice is so annoying.

    • hai na?

      so true!

  • nisha

    Kat or kareena.

  • Ziva

    Katrina Kaif!!!

  • Union

    Obviously katrina kaif. She’s amazing a everyone would be pleased to see her in a move like this. Btw deepika is the show off, self obsessed cow

  • Soni B

    Most people assume Katrina is a bimbo – read any of her interviews and you’ll see that she is a very intelligent woman…

  • Nitisha

    BL ko koi kam dham nahi hai they are the life of deepika

  • Mohim Roy

    None othr thn priyanka. ….Deepika is ok til she opens her mouth, Katrina. ..why is she in bollywood??,kareena….overacting…..
    Priyanka is the best. .she’s a complete package. …beauty, brain, personality, acting, talent. name a few

    • Kevin

      Agreed! Katrina should pack her bags and go back to wherever she came from!

  • Rohini

    Priyanka Chopra!

    • aisha

      Support pc’s Marykom plz, take yr friends and family to see it it’s worth it.

  • ange

    Priyanka Chopra cause she smart and know how to give answer and pretty too lol

  • hai na?

    wait till<> comes over that person is jobless!!

  • hai na?

    deepika is a dumb BIMBO!

  • mantosh arya

    always pc then deppy

  • Guest

    deepika, katrina is just glam doll she is dumbo, deepika is just perfact and very attractive

  • sira

    deepika is the best katrina is just glam doll, east or west deepika is the best..

  • Rasmt

    Home prostitute Bollywood-Priyanka and that’s a fact! Sleeping with other people’s husbands, breaks up families, builds himself a victim-fake! I hate this whore-careerists. Deepika also not an angel, lying on camera about Ranbir, Ranveer did not think that it is unpleasant ((Karina very good actress she can play all cutie Katrina

  • simmi


  • sh

    Deepika deepika deepika deepika Is the best

  • sarah

    sexy politician obviosuly has to be deepi!
    she is extremely humble and no way corrupted!
    deepika padukone!

  • Rasmi

    Priyanka just an ordinary slut who sleeps with married men. I hate this bitch

  • Suchi Das

    Kareena Kapoor Photoshoot for Vogue Magazine 2014 >>

  • Guest

    Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! katrina and deepika agreed but what r the old hags priyanka and kareena doing here they look yuck !!!!!!! . Priyanka is becoming so old and poor piggy she is not even married and she is not even getting anyone after dating married men (srk,akshay) and losers (shahid,harman) she is not even getting proper roles. I saw hardly her in krish 3, gunday was about the bromance ,zanjeer was a huge flop. Atleast kareena got lucky and married some nawab what about priyanka???. I think u should put kangana on the list . Only three actress are worthy of being no 1






  • Ishita Sheoran

    I think all r dumbo except pc pc pc. katrina (fake bitch), kareena (married bitch), deepika (casanova bitch). Pc is perfect. And sleeping is all fake. Nothing real. Stupid chipmunks. Idiots bimbos. I hate u. Except pc fans. Meta naam yaad rakhna ishita Sheoran. Naam bhul maat janna pc jaisi actresss aur singer banna hai. Pc meri jaan hai.