Deepika Padukone sports a sweatshirt worth Rs 12,000

Posted Tue, August 19, 2014 8:22pm IST

The actor was recently spotted in a Marc Jacobs sweatshirt

Bollywood celebs’ love for high-end brands is old news, but only a few can pull them off. One name among these few is, Deepika Padukone. The diva has almost never given fashion pundits a reason to complain. Be it the glam walk at the red carpet or a friendly appearance at a birthday bash; the fashionista has always been at her stylish best.

Deepika was recently spotted outside a studio in a Marc Jacobs sweatshirt worth $198. Given her track record, we weren’t surprised that the Chennai Express fame carried the sweatshirt with as much grace as a Zuhair Murad number (Remember her outfit at the IIFA awards 2014).

While we wait for Ms Padukone’s next appearance, take a look at these photographs and let us know if you share a similar sentiment.

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  • arohi


  • aaaa

    God a shirt worth a poor man’ s salary :(

    • unknown

      so what?

      • aaaa

        U should ask the man who goes out everyday not sure if he will be able to get enough food for his family…never be such heartless

        • unknown

          all Bollywood actors wear expensive clothes … …they earns money so they can anything do with their money..their wishes..!!!bachans khans kapoors everybody wears expensive clothes…
          deepika earns so she wear…deepy is not responsible for poor guy condition…not even I and you are responsible for it…. I am not heart less you are not thinking right way….
          they are not responsible for gap between poor and rich society…. in world every one aren’t rich and poor…
          salman also say in one interview that “paisa me apne dum par kamata hu to meri marzi me use kaha kharch karu…”..he runs being human trust ..others don’t !!so what?? ..their wishes…!!

          • aaaa

            Did I say tht she is should not wear it or she is the reason for da so called gap..yes its her money she can do anything with it…..I just made a comment tht its worth a man’s salary n its a fact… it is..u cannot deny it…please don’t think too much!!!

          • unknown

            and I also questioned “so what??” …and you say me heartless …!! I don’t deny this…

          • aaaa

            Yeah it was ur care free way of saying so what tht got me stunned…but its upto u u can say think feel whtevr u want..I sersly don’t care n neither I m intrstd…I will not reply back. ..

  • Zudana

    Nice top !!

  • Sheena

    She is looking cute. :)

  • Sohani Roy

    God day by day she is looking beautiful without make-up !! I like her so much. :*

  • Radha

    I love you Deepika please always be the same never change your attitude like other actresses. :)

  • unknown

    deeply looks cute..