Deepika Padukone to attempt the impossible!

Deepika Padukone to attempt the impossible!

This is Deepika’s latest photograph. Taken just last week. Does she look like she needs to lose weight? Yet that’s exactly what she has been asked to do!

Somebody, please get B-town directors a new pair of spectacles. Seriously, what are they thinking? First, we were shocked when Kangna Ranaut was asked to lose weight for Krrish 2. Kangna? Come on! That gal has probably the best figure in the business. But director Rakesh Roshan feels that since she is playing a villain who will don bodysuits like Catwoman, she needs to slim down further. If that isn’t bad enough, now director duo Abbas-Mustan want Deepika Padukone to lose weight! Of all the leading ladies in B-town, Deepika? Apparently, Deepika will be wearing really short and sexy outfits in Race 2, and they think she needs to slim down another 4 to 5kg before she dons them. Poor Dippy is regulating her diet even further and also doing pilates to get ready in time before she starts shooting. Now, we can understand if Abbas-Mustan had made this request of their earlier choice, Sonakshi Sinha. The Dabangg actor really needs to hit the gym more often if she wants to give stiff competition to her contemporaries. But Deepika? The only time we’ve seen the actor even slightly out of shape was in the Love mera hit hit song in Billu, but she got back to her svelte self quickly after that. She looked great in her item number in Dum Maaro Dum and now in Desi Boyz, too. Anyway, we just hope Dippy looks after her health too while attempting this impossible feat and not send out the wrong message to all her young female fans. Take care, Deepika.


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  • Mannu

    directors are mad!! do they want her to be minus size zero??!!

    • Anon

      Directors are not crazy. She has huge thighs… And she is losing her abs. She should work on her love handles too (ALWAYS BEEN HER PROBLEM AREA, ASIDE FROM THIGHS AND BUTT)…

      She is not skinny by any means! She has a good body, but yes, there is always room for improvement. And pilates will only tone her body (WHICH SHE DOES NEED!)

      • Pia

        Anon, are you crazy??? I am sure you are some fat ugly idiot.. Gosh!!!!

  • dek

    hey depeka i love your body its really hot don’t care for your ur ugly face too much.

  • sweety

    she is fain now

  • khan

    ahhhh!!! she is only meant for bed…