Deepika Padukone wants her dad to get Bharat Ratna! Huh?

The debate on who should be honoured with the top civilian honour has been on for some time now, with Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar among the top contenders. But our Desi Boyz‘ girl has her own unofficial nomination, much to our surprise and it is daddy-dear Prakash Padukone!

Stars have been known to make several leading statements while promoting their films – in fact, to get more publicity for their films. So it usually doesn’t surprise us when they talk about going on special diets for a role or pranks they played on co-stars, or even how good the hero/heroine/director/pet dog is in the film. However, what did raise our eyebrows recently was hearing Deepika Padukone speaking about the Bharat Ratna while promoting Desi Boyz. They are poles apart! One is the nation’s highest civilian award and the other is a film we are sure everyone’s gonna forget after the first week. So what’s the connection? Deepika thinks it is her. While speaking to the press about the movie that co-stars John Abraham, Akshay Kumar and Chitrangda Singh, she also added in her two bits about the Bharat Ratna debate and said she believes her father, badminton champ Prakash Padukone, should be honoured with it. Her contention is that Prakash was the first Indian to win the All England Championship, and since then has done a lot to popularise the sport in the country. We totally agree with her that the senior Padukone has excelled as a player and as a coach. And through his Padukone Badminton Academy he has trained players such as Ashwini Ponnappa, who have made the country proud with victories in international championships. But the Bharat Ratna? If you take a closer look at the Indian Constitution, you’ll see that the award is given in “recognition of public service of the highest order”. Mr Padukone doesn’t quite belong to that category, does he, Deepika? We understand you want your father’s work recognised. Any good daughter would. But not with the Bharat Ratna. Sorry Dippy, you don’t have our support on this one.