Dekha Ek Khwaab: Does it really end like this?

The Indian version of the Princess Diaries is coming to an end on August 2, and the makers are trying their level best to cram the story into the deadline

Ultimately Dekha Ek Khwaab will end with Udayveer (Ashish Kapoor) and Maanyata (Priyal Gor) tying the knot, and Jainandini (Shritama Mukherjee) suddenly turning over a new leaf (after realising that she came in between true lovers – how clichéd!), while good boy-turned-bad boy Aakash will vanish into oblivion with Tara, or so we hear. But seriously, where’s the fun in that! The end is not only predictable, but also very bland and boring, no? We worked up some alternatives that probably make for a better climax. Hope the show’s writers are taking pointers!

# Maanyata convinces Udayveer to elope with her, so no one can create any more misunderstandings between them.

# Udayveer kidnaps Maanyata and sweeps her off to an island isolated and keeps her there until she grows some sense.

# Maanyata, fed up with all the politics within the family, gives up her throne to Vijaybhai (Mark Farokh Parakh) and relocates to the US, where she starts working in a drive-through restaurant.

# Maanyata quits trying to woo Udayveer and decides to join a nunnery.

# Maanyata takes up politics and donates her rights as the Queen to Jainandini.

#Udayveer realises that Maanyata will always be confused and loses himself to alcohol. Jainandini decides to become the modern day Chandramukhi to her Devdas (Uday).

# Udayveer tries to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff when Maanyata chooses power and position over love, but fails and loses his short term memory instead.

# In frustration, Jainandini kills both Maanyata and Udayveer – that’s a perfect ending for us, provided they don’t come back as ghosts or make another show on their rebirth.

Thank God the show is not an English series, or the whole happy gang would have been back with Season 2. And we definitely wouldn’t want that to happen, would we!