DEKHA EK KHWAAB: Maanyata, Udayveer kiss as show goes off air!

Fri, August 3, 2012 4:49pm IST by
DEKHA EK KHWAAB: Maanyata, Udayveer kiss as show goes off air!

The serial finally ended with much hugging and smiling, but still no Dadisaab aka Rajmata or the rest of the family

Aruna Irani’s drama Dekha Ek Khwaab ended its year-long run last night (August 2) with happy reunions. Maanayata (Priyal Gor)and Udayveer (Ashish Kapoor) confess their love for each other and indulge in a bit of PDA. Ah, but this is no Bade Acche Lagte Hain, so they limit their demonstrations of affection to kisses on the cheek. And just when you think they might progress to a liplock, their siblings Vijay and Unnati interrupt them. Darn, a real shame!

Oh, and we have to tell you about the funniest moment in the entire episode. Maanayata and Udayveer are hugging each other in the main hall with the other two – who have suddenly developed love for each other – when Jaynandini yells at them from the balcony: “Jiji!” Then in adramatic manner, she walks down the steps, cue music and all. The four people present downstairs stare at her with varying expressions of puzzlement, confusion and horror. “Aap kuch bhool rahi ho,” she states. (You are forgetting something.) They stare again. Then ever so slowly – almost as if they had to fill the time limit somehow – Jay pulls out the yuvrani’s crown from behind her back. She shows it to Maanayata. Everyone stares again, supposedly confused. Jay smiles and says it belongs to the Yuvrani and then places the rather obviously tacky-fake tiara on Maanayata’s head. Everybody is overwhelmed and smiles. Jay then bows her head in respect for the crown princess, but Maanayata says, “Chhoti behen ki jagah wahan nahin, yahan hai” (The younger sister’s place is here, in my heart) and hugs her. An emotional Jay, mercifully without the eye makeup says, “Sorry”. That’s it. That ‘apology’ is supposed to be sufficient for her long list of various crimes.

All is forgiven and the five stars pose together for a group photo, with Uday hugging Jay rather than Maanayata – no, we shall not go in that direction, promise! No mention of the Rajmata or the rest of the royal family. Or why it took Vijay till the penultimate episode to decide to make Jay see sense, or why it took her that long to be convinced. Anyway, we are just glad it’s over. Are you?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • fatima

    plz dont say such one is happy that it,s over.we want season 2 of dek as most of the problems remained unsolved.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we want manveer or show them in another show without that uncle akaash.we love dekha ek khwab and we all love manveer.

    • dilini kaushalya (Sri lanka)

      i totally love dekha ek khwab cz of ashish’s & priyal’s scenes!!! …since the day it started, i never missed a single episode….i really love it!! but now i really miss it!!! i hate to accept that itz over… i wanted it to last at least 2 years…..

      • Anika

        Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz d’nt end this show .

        • Android Peters

          I want this serial back to come again it’s my favorite serial in season 2

  • nisa

    i also request to you.

  • richa

    n0, am not happy that it ended

  • aishwarya

    no,i am not happy that it ended. at least it shoud go 2 years. i will miss it.

  • haneeda

    noooo…..m not happy,we definetly going to misss the shouldnt be end like this …its to early….there should be season 2.we love to watch manveer togrther

  • shaista

    no i m not happy because this is my fvrt serial….
    I m in hope to see maanveer chem again in season 2 plzzzzzzzz…

  • Farajk

    Totally agree!! Very happy that it’s gone off air! Horrible turn of events to an otherwise interesting show.

    • akanksha

      stupid it was so nice serial bloody shut up

  • ami

    It was indeed an amazing show in d beginining…but dey ended up lik anything…Ashish nd Priyal nice couple..but d sad part s horribl ending…:(

  • ravi

    plz………….retelecast the show again on saturday plz……………………………..

  • ravi

    plz make a season 2 with manveer

  • sonam

    I want that serial back…….it was my fav serial.plzz start season 2

  • maha

    i love this show..:( plx start season 2…. :(

  • anam

    i love this couple….love ew ashish kapooor…mixxx d xerial aloooooooooooot…plx strt xeaxon 2…n bext wixhex 4 dix couple may both live stay happie togetha ma prayxx re olwayx wid both ov ew… =)

  • sana

    plx strt season 2..

  • Faiza Andalib

    Dekha Ek khwab was my favourite show & I realy miss it now.Please start Season-2 of it with MaanVeer(PriAsh).Its story was much more interesting compared with Love Marriage Yaa Arrange Marriage.

  • alishba

    please start sesone two of it it is my fav show

  • khalil

    Plzzz itna mazay kay darame ki itni thori see episode,s
    plzzz kya ye apna agy show jari nai rakh sakte hein…
    mujhy bahut afsos hova hy…es lye K abhi tak dadi G bhi khomay main pari thi…or manita and udhy veer ko AKASH say larai karni thi….itne jaldi END…plzzz es darme ko august2 say agy play karein…i mean..or bhi episode banaein…

  • Azhar Zeeshan


  • Shivani Sharma

    hi …i would like to say that people indulge their self in the serial shown on T.V. and always wait for the next part.

    it is very unethical to leave the episodes like this…as we spare time from our day today household or professional work just to watch serial….

    i have waited for at least 10 days that why it is not coming..this is very wrong….

  • s.roshantaj

    I like manyata and uday he is so handsome plz re-start the serial Idont want to miss it.

  • Ankita kishore

    It was my favourite serial nd Manyata too is my favourite nd i m missing this all.Please re-start it.

  • lalitya

    plzzzzzzzzz start season2 this is my favourite serial why?
    and hw could they complete within 6months every serial will be cmg from years and this was completed within short time whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? phir bhi plssss start season2

  • Nahsoon Bhatti

    Plz restart it

  • vyshnavi.p

    i am abig fan of dekha ek khwaab and ilove manveer’s jodi so please please and please restart it . and i want to tell the makers of dek that it is not the trp’s which are important it is the love of the audiences which is required

  • Rehab

    Plz plz plz plz plz restart the show soon…I wanna see it again……..plz. i t be a sort of great happiness for me…