Delhi gang-rape: Akshay Kumar & Amitabh Bachchan don’t want election coverage overshadowing the case

Akshay Kumar also wants self-defence training compulsory for school girls, and filmmaker Pritish Nandy thinks boys should be taught to respect girls. Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Johar, Ram Gopal Varma, Gul Panag and Lisa Ray also tweeted about the incident

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, a martial arts practitioner, reacted strongly to the horrific gang-rape of a woman in Delhi a few days ago. Akshay tweeted, “Make self defense compulsory in the school curriculum. It’s not a solution but a start.” He added, “Wat happened is nt acceptable!Let’s nt 4get,we owe her that much.If we can’t get men 2 behave,it’s time women take things in their own hands.”

In response to Akshay’s tweet, former journalist and filmmaker Pritish Nandy wrote, “Isn’t it simpler to teach young boys in school to love and respect the opposite sex?”

Akshay replied,while that needs to be done irrespective of everything. Self defence training will atleast give them the ability to protect themselves if the need arises.” He also retweeted a fan’s status, “sir pls apeal to d media nt 2 use d wrd victim fr d gal she’s a “FIGHTER” hv dne my bit bt m sure ur apeal vl mke a diff. pls.”

Since the incident took place in Akshay’s hometown Delhi, he seemed to be more affected. He said, “Simply appalled by what’s happening in our country, and more shocking my own hometown, Delhi! So not proud. We need to act right now!”

The actor rued that although citizens were horrified and responded to the incident by demanding punishment of the culprits, it was sad that the campaign against this rape was ‘already losing steam thanks to the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections. “While it took such an incident to awaken us it’s sad to see that it is already losing it’s steam with the election coverage,” he said.

Amitabh Bachchan, who had voiced his ire on the crime, also tweeted expressed a similar concern. He said, “Election results cover the screens of all media .. when do we get to hear and see the covers come off the Delhi gang rape matter !!”

Filmmaker Karan Johar also felt the same, “I truly hope the nations anger against the #delhigangrape is channelised and not deflected by election reportage!!!”

Actor Ayesh Takia Azmi was disturbed. She said, “Traumatic, watching news of traumatic news of brutal gang rape in delhi!!! This is truly becoming an epidemic in this country, SHAMEFUL!”

Actor Lisa Ray ‏ said, “Public outrage and debate is healthy. Wise punishment is called for. Wisdom comes from introspection and turning the gaze in.”

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma said, “The Delhi gang rape in its sheer audacity nd unbelievability seems like a bad scene from a 70s b grade film”.

Actor Kamaal R Khan for once tweeted something serious, saying, “I salute to all the ppl who are protesting against gang rape at delhi roads. You all are great ppl n real fighters for justice.”

Actor Gul Panag had similar sentiments, as she said, “Heartening to see women take to the streets. Needed, lest we forget. Of course our elected representatives remain cocooned:p”.

TV actor Kritika Kamra ‏, who stars in Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, said, “For once can we stop politicising the issue and instead take immediate action?!!”

Singer-actor Sophie Choudry raised a valid question, “SHAME! Takes incidents like Delhi gang-rape 4 ppl/MPs to show outrage! What about girls who r raped by family members?!Who’s protectin them?”

Actor Anupam Kher ‏ retweeted, “@JasAffinity: Re Delhi Gang-rape. All movie stars need to go public & condemn this heinous act NOW. Earn ur keep. Educate these men.”

Actor Sandhya Mridul said,Lets pray for justice on the delhi gang rape.Lets hope this time it’s different.. That this time there will be action..hope & pray..”.

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